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There is a Convergence, Beloved! — 3 Comments

  1. Praise The Lord!
    Beloved in Christ, as you post the daily words spoken by The Lord to His children, I humbly request you to also add up a prayer at the end to receive the same in our lives, Thankyou, All Glory to Abba, Father in heaven.

    Shalom !
    Stay Blessed in Christ.

  2. Good comfort, dear sister, but…here in our home my son and i still are under demonic attacks by people who are full of hate and perversions. Almost every day when we`re out, they enter in. Still they turn knives upside down, switched on my Bible lamplight on my bed and when I needed to change the battery, they laid signs in the drawer where I took new batteries out. Today after my 1st workday at the new job, I found a big extra cut out wood chip. To call the police makes no sense – they are involved in the program. So your words (GOD`s Words) are absolutely chosen right again:
    “For the enemy seeks to keep you in bondage.  He comes for nothing but to kill, steal and destroy.” It is not easy to go happily onwards, knowing the devil is roaring and acting like a wild beast and able to kill. Thank you for your prayers, all who read this.

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