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  1. Let me share an interesting testimony. In the middle of 2019, God made my husband and me move out of the previous apartment where we had lived for over 8 years. At that place, we worshipped God almost every day and I was baptized with the holy fire from my head to toes by so many people’ prayer through an online church. Afterwards, God led us to experience lots of spiritual warfare including expelling the extreme hottness and coldness there and defeating Satan after my soul being lifted in the air.

    After that, the place was turned into a pleasant and cozy one with no heaviness and tiredness. We thought we finally completed our mission from God and felt happy. However, God showed me a new place where we had to move into. The Holy Spirit told me that the area would be very strong in terms of bad energies, so called “chi,” but through our constant prayer, it would be changed into a prosperous land. In the process, my husband and I had to go through new-level warfare again. A few days after we moved into the small officetel(kind of a one bed-studio with a dual purposes), I saw a huge, round and brass entrance of something on the ceiling of my bedroom in a vision. From there, tremendous amount of icy water was falling onto our body, penetrating into our bones. It was hard and painful for us to endure. In the case of my husband, his left arm and hand started to get a severe infection. We also had to fight with many groups of witches and warlocks in the spirit realm.

    Ultimately God pushed me to confront a valley of death/riding a dragon roller-coaster last year. During almost 6 years of severe warfare, we got to have more energy of God’s love and restoration from the third heaven though my situation is not changed better yet. These days God inspired me to delve into “Vortex Energy (electric + magnetic),” which consists of two kinds, yin and yang. Basically and spiritually, this energy represents the sexual energy of Baal and Ashtoreth who are ruling over the world and the universe. I am praying for changing such ancient gates into the doors of blessings and the knowledge of God by pouring living water and fire of God into them. Above all, I feel the blood of Jesus is the most powerful weapon repeatedly. The more I battle with the energies, the more I get to have restoration fire and water from God. That’s what I have learned through several years of warfare and training.

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