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There is Going to Be a Tsunami — of Glory! — 6 Comments

  1. Father is going to heal this young man and he is going to a testimony that is gonna be one of many God uses to wake people up!
    Take your eyes off of material things and put them on our Father!

  2. 1 Tim 2:4
    God our savior who will have all men to be saved. The tsunami is coming to wash away all the lies that would keep people from seeing the simple truth of this Bible verse above. The church in America fails to see the greatness of the one true God that his will is above all and he is more than able to perform it. All that has happened in the last two years is a judgment on the church in America to get their attention for what is about to happen time to come up higher in your thinking people or be washed clean by the waves.

    • This is one of the most powerful words I’ve heard thus far. I read Acts 3 and it came alive!! It is Him pouring His Faith in us and through us, those who’ve given their “yes” and He knew exactly who they’d be. And not at all because of who we are, but who HE IS!!
      I dreamt some years back of the laying on of hands, my hands were on a young boy who’s one leg was stunted in growth, I laid my hands on him and thought of what to say when suddenly the Spirit said, “Say nothing” amd Electricity shot through me and through my hands and his leg was completely healed…not through my flesh, but only and completely by The Spirit. But the process of dying to flesh is so imperative and can’t be skipped!! Ouch and HALLELUJAH!! :D

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