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There Will Be a Performance of What You Believe The LORD For! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen!

    When David & his men came back fm the Philistine King & found their camp at Ziklag had been vandalised & their wives & children taken as captives by Amalekite bandits, after much weeping, David inquired of the Lord as whether to pursue the raiders or not & the Lord told to him to pursue them assuring him that he would overtake them and recover all. David did & not only recovered all that had been taken but he also got the loot that these bandits had raided fm other areas in the Negev & he further destroyed the bandits that they never raided again & thus brought stability to the region. 1 Samuel 30.

    Church leaders in America telling believers to give up on the word of God when their civil liberties are being plundered should emulate David instead of telling their people to ‘move on’ and ‘build anew & better'(which is the new globalist slogan fm the pits of hell). This constant abandoning of the fight is why the church is not making any meaningful progress in spreading the gospel and expanding the Kingdom of God here on earth. Some believers are under the assumption that if they accept & embrace and pray for the ‘bandits’ they will be spared. David tried to play the harp for Saul and Saul still threw his spear at him trying to kill him. If America (and the world at large) doesn’t ‘pursue’ the bandits and recover what was stolen, its over! There will be no ‘another chance’ in 2022 or there after. I believe God is telling the Church ‘pursue, u will overtake and recover all’. The bible says if we are willing, we will eat the best of the land.

    ‘Whatever the Lord our God has bequeathed us, we will inherit’ Judges 11:24

  2. Amen and Amen. Believing the return of my husband to his first love for God and his marriage. Thank you for this now word.

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