These Signs Shall Follow Them


While visiting another land, not long ago, I saw this bumper sticker on a car next to me.  It simply said, ‘I love violence.’  I can’t say I was totally surprised.  There is a spirit of such, spreading across this globe; beyond any thing we have ever seen.  But the greatest concern at this moment, is what we can’t see; at least not seen with the natural eye.

I was flipping through some channels on the television there and I was startled to see something I had not seen; a change that has begun to occur.  On channel after channel, there were movies, that were the most violent and gory, I’ve ever been exposed to.  These kinds of creatures, of all sorts.  I won’t go into detail, but it was filled with these spiritualist portrayals, people with strange powers and those who relish the destruction of others; bloody beyond words.

One might say, “Oh, it’s just movies and make believe.”  But what also shook me, was the fact that these films were dubbed over, in the local language.  That meant, they came from here.  Suddenly, it occurred to me; so this, is what our people have been feasting on.  In many ways, we are what we most often look upon, and we are what we eat.  A read a word from a certain text earlier, and it is the word “fierce.”  In other parts of the western countries, as we call them, a severe swing in behavior patterns occurred very rapidly.

Today, while sitting at the table where I like to do my devotions, I heard a voice speak and say, “sound the alarm.”  People do not know what they are watching.  They are not truly aware of what is really involved in so many of these violent video games that they are allowing their children to watch; even adults playing them also.  The church, as many of us have known it, made a dire error when they sought to suppress certain gifts; those, allowing you to see.

Anytime you take a spirit that has come from God, whether it be an angelic being, or a human being, and you fill it with every type of ugly, evil and wickedness, you get a well defined appearance.  It does not matter today, that many do not believe that there are those who have the ability to actually see these things; the Holy Ghost, allows them to see these spirits.  Ask yourself, why did God put such a gift in the body of Christ, to begin with.  To see them.

We are becoming, if not already overrun by evil spirits.  One of the reasons, is that those who claim and are supposed to have the power to deal with them, are sleeping.  Low oil in the lamp, a trend to follow self and become cold and indifferent, has allowed savage and ruthless spirits to intermingle among us.  God knows, who is supposed to stop this; to thwart the rapid overtaking of good people who deserve a chance.  Unless we exercise the power and authority that has been given to us, those who are closest to us and those we love, are going to be overwhelmed; including us.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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  1. God Bless You,

    Before I met the Lord I, even though I did not watched bloody movies I loved criminal novels and thrillers.
    I also used read at astrology.

    Since then the Lord has learned me about the Spirit of Life and the spirit of Death.

    And it is actually that way that even if it is ‘only a movie and the end is happy’ something terrible has to happen and /or someone must die before that we can be ‘entertained’ and without knowing it we therefore feed on and worship ‘death’.

    I threw out my TV and burned my thrillers and astrology books when I met the Lord.
    I am not kidding when I say I could almost hear the dissapointed screams in the spiritul realm and
    I was quite shocked because I had no idea that I (who did not like blood), yet was bound of dark powers.

    Today the enemy can not even enter into my dreams.

    In the name of Jesus. Amen.