They Say New Testament Prophecy Is Different

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Don’t Trust Everyone!

God tells us to be at peace with all around us as much as we can. 

But even Jesus did not trust Himself to everyone, because it says He knew what was in their hearts.

Neither should we when He shows us.  We need to lean on His wisdom for our associations.

There are Judases in this hour too, and He said some would be in our own family.

“But Jesus did not commit Himself to them, because He knew all men, and had no need that anyone should testify of man, for He knew what was in their hearts,”   John 2:24 NKJV.

There are some who are foolish and would even inadvertently turn you over to your enemies, because they refuse to believe the truth or to look at what’s happening within the darkness.

They would put all around them at risk, because of stubbornness or ignorance.

Take heed beloveds, to ask God about your associations and that everything of your life’s direction is led of Holy Spirit, because now and in days ahead it could be critical to His plan for you.

More and more 1 Timothy 3 grows worse and worse.  But it also means His arising in you as it says in Isaiah 60.

Say, “It is well with my soul!”  For if you are in Christ it is indeed well no matter what course those around you take.

We are all in different places and years ago there were prophecies about whole cities turned over to the evil one and others totally for God.

There is a great harvest at hand, but the enemy will not just roll over, he will try hard to take as many as he can with him.

Many hearts will be grieved at the way awakening comes.

Don’t lose hope for your unsaved family, because when they see what HE does in you, many will come to the LORD!

Fret not!  Pray and continue in communion with Holy Spirit!

Lean on Our Beloved Messiah for all you need.

Expect the miraculous!  Do not be unbelieving!

Declare aloud you will receive whatever He says!

They Say New Testament Prophecy Is Different

Jesus’ brother asked Him if He was going down to the festival and in Jesus’ response, He says, “The world hates Me, because I told them their deeds are bad.”

Thus many will not speak of this world’s sin for being afraid of man.

The fear of man is a snare.

Speak what Holy Spirit says to speak!

Nothing more and nothing less!

Jesus was harder on Pharisees than the lost, and called them white-washed tombs!

Yet some prophets teaching prophecy are like Hannaniah to the Jeremiah’s of this age.

They say New Testament prophecy is different.

Well, who told Peter to say to Ananias, “Who told you to lie to the Holy Spirit?” and pronounced his death?  And did the same to his wife Sapphira?

In an Apostolic Age, things will be different and accountability, high.

Love is the greatest, but there are two edges to the Sword!

Wake up the sleepy eyed Church!

God is holy and He called us to holiness through being in His Presence!

He sees us as holy when we give our hearts to Him.

“Abide in Me and I will abide in you,”  He said!

Our part is abiding, in progressive process He makes us Holy, destroying strongholds, grace to grace, glory to glory!

It’s all about letting Him touch you in the secret place of abiding,  Not striving!


~ Priscilla

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