They will stop you, if they can!


Some months ago, I sat down in this chair; to collect my thoughts for the evening and perhaps write a note.  Suddenly, a voice spoke very strongly and forcibly to me.  It simply said, “They will stop you, if they can.”

I knew it was the Spirit, that was speaking to me.  And I knew exactly what He was talking about; and I knew who He was speaking of.  One may have thought at first, that this presence was talking about demonic spirits.  It was not.

I had hoped to speak on another subject this afternoon; one that sounded much nicer, and a bit sweeter.  But somehow, there was this real urgency.  I could not decide, until I saw another post on the same thing.  You see, we can take dominion over the forces of the devil; we know how to bind him and what it takes to do it.  Binding human spirits, can be more difficult.  I think the urgency in this, is that some of us aren’t completely aware, of just how much the enemy, is against the ministry, some are trying to do here.

I know no other way here, but to dive right into it.  The same people who were envious and jealous of you before, still are.  These two human kinds of emotion can be confessed and people can overcome them; if they work very hard at it.  The problem is, most will not; otherwise, they would not have allowed themselves to remain in such shape to begin with.  How can I say this.  Many of us, were hurt badly by such kind of spirits in our past, especially when we were doing our best to work for God; in His house. We thought we left those spirits behind; and for the most part, we did. Maybe.

Envious people, are rotten to the bone; that’s scripture. Most will be glad you’re gone, and would rather not see you come back.  They would likely leave you be, unless you’re doing something they feel shows them up.  Or, you have the nerve to express a talent or gift they don’t have.  God this is negative, but I can’t help it.  And if you have the audacity to recover some how and once more begin to show yourself as anything spiritual, you will rouse the dislike and even hatred in them again; they just can’t help it.

The Holy Ghost, is the only thing that is going to protect you.  If you have made mistakes in your past, they will drag it before everyone again, if it suits their purpose; they feel obligated to do so.  Don’t be caught off guard.

Because we forgive people and seek to love them, and we’ve even asked forgiveness, doesn’t mean they forgave you.  Seek to go further into the Spirit; listen for His voice more than ever.

Satan will use these people, to discourage you, and drive you back away from the recovery and the work God has for you today.  They will not succeed.  As we’ve talked about here already; let them alone.  The Holy Ghost well knows how to deal with them.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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