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This Generation Will Fight in the Battleground of Messengers — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Abel.
    I truly admire your insight.
    I believe there is a remnant forged in the Flames to pure transparency, and the Word Himself will be released from the very Center of their being, bypassing the souls of men and penetrating to the very marrow, Spirit to Spirit.  And even the most evil and wicked will be turned from darkness to Light.
    We will see such incredible things in this hour.
    I can feel it so close in the Spirit.
    This is such an exciting time.
    The Sons of God are being made manifest!! :D

  2. Jesus saw ahead of his church and children when he said “The children of this world are wiser than the children of the kingdom of darkness. Jesus used the parable of shwerd servant but it seems we are only apply it to the spiritual and not to physical context. We should realize not only the spiritual controls the physical but also the physical also control the physical.  We Christians should not leave it alone to the media alone like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.. We should have long ago have created our platforms to disseminate truths and mind of God so that it will be difficult to cancel or deplatform us.
    I still believe that Jesus is saying despite the cancel culture we are witnessing, “I will open before you a door (outlets, platform, techniques and technology) that no man, tech giant or media platform can shut down or deplatform or cancel.
    It is obvious that we sleeping and we should be awaken to the reality of our present hour. There is no better time to start building our platforms that be can’t cancelled by so called tech giant or news media but is a competing channel that is dispensing the mind of God.

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