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  1. I am so encouraged, I just got done reading another prophets “analysis” of unfulfilled prophesy and it made me so mad that in my response I commented about how much Lazereth was stinking before the fulfillment of promise was seen and life was restored.  Then I saw your word ABOUT LAZERETH!! Thank you prophet, I feel like yours is confirmation that we need to stay standIng in hopeful anticipation that God is going to fulfill his words to the prophets of today and stop satans agenda by Waiting, believing and praying for the U S presidential election and President Donald Trumps 2nd term.  It isn’t over till it’s over. . Joe Biden isn’t in the Oval Office yet!  .I don’t know how he’s gonna do it!? In the natural it isn’t looking good. . . we can feel the waters of the Red Sea lapping at our toes and the Egyptian army is close enough to see the whites of their eyes but like in the time of MOSES, Gods going to part the waters so we can cross over and He can clean our Nation up and see another great awakening with His glory poured out upon us!
    Keep believing the prophets and prosper!  A N D prophets, quit apologizing and throwing in the towel on what God has told you. . .STAND and DECLARE IT!!

    • Amen! I stand with God’s intentions. Thank you prophets for helping us track God. I look forward to seeing the manifestations of God in America and the world. Wooo God be praised.

  2. Tim Sheets saw in his dream, that it is giant killing season until January 20. No limit, take as many as you can. He also mentioned a whirlwind surrounding all the darkness coming out of the Capitol after a big hand reached down and flipped the Capital dome with His thumb.  Then the whirlwind surrounded the darkness like a net, bound it tightly and cast it far away.  This was just last week.  He also heard air raid sirens going off.
    I think Robin Bullock mentioned the landslide that was coming in this election and that landslides are messy.  That is what we are seeing.
    Lazarus was in the grave 3 days, then the glory came and the story of that resurrection spread all through the country.

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