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This Is How You Fight Your Battles — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you Deborah, for encouraging the Body of Christ to stand firm on the foundation of what the Lord has done on Calvary.  My faith is in Almighty God, He is my Keeper, therefore I have nothing to fear.  The Fear of the Lord is my only fear, a reverential fear, a good fear.  I trust Him with my life!

    I have been seeing the number 2s quite often, your wonderful revelation of the number 2s is well received.  Isaiah 22:22 refers to the key of the house of David, giving us authority as well.  thank you again.

  2. Thank you Deborah, I am even more encouraged to stand on the firm foundation of my faith in Jesus Christ.  The Lord fights my battles and in Him I am more than a conqueror.  The Fear of the Lord is my only fear.  I reverence Him and Him alone!  I have been seeing number 2s quite often as well.  Your perspective is wonderful and well received.  Isaiah 22:22 speaks of the key of the house of David giving us authority.
    Thank you again.

  3. Beautiful. I see 2s everywhere by the way (actually I should say all the time on my phone). I keep on saying: look it is 2222 (hrs)!! Also in some people’s spreadsheet dating systems (like mine which is originally from a workplace of mine) yesterday, when this was published, was 211122!! (Year/month/day).

  4. Actually, I HAVE been seeing 2’s Deborah, thank you for sharing!!
    I have the DNA of Christ Himself, for I have been crucifies and no longer live…but CHRIST JESUS lives in me!!!!!
    Woop Woop!!!!:)

  5. Thanksgiving for Your words, detailed explanations covenants coverage’s teaching in full concordance with Your today’s *TITLE*. AMÉN, AMÉN, AMÉN, just OBEYING the BEST of ♥♥♥HIS WAYS, to achieve precise SELAH’S from the HINGDOM REALMS♥♥♥, SHALOM..!


    PS 3

    2 SM 15

    GL 5

    JN 1 to 16

    DN 1.1-12

    JMS 2.17

    PS 84

    JB 41

    EX 15

    PS 59 TO 67


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