This Is the Season of Sudden Supernatural Shiftings!

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Breaking News!

While in prayer yesterday and again today, the Father revealed to me that the fires we are seeing across many nations are the works of the “spirits of terrorism and destruction being unleashed upon the earth!”

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Though it tarry, wait for it!  Surely it will come to pass.

His Work might seem slow!  But listen!  His timing is flawless and perfect.

That word, that promise, and those dreams shall soon and suddenly come to pass.

Only believe, blessed is the man who has been tested by the LORD

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

This Is the Season of Sudden Supernatural Shiftings in the Earth!

Expect to be shifted, lifted and launched out into a place of manifest promise, purpose and unprecedented power in this hour!

I Prophesy:  In this hour, you going up to the high places where the powers of deception, distortion, disorientation and loss of direction are being dealt a death blow by the hand of God.

In this hour, His Spirit is lifting us to higher ground.  We are being shifted and lifted in the midst of a great shaking in the nations.

But fear not, for even in the midst of this shaking, the Spirit of God is bringing redirection, repositioning, readjustment and a strategic reposting to the lives of His mighty warriors.

Many will begin to move through greater dimensions of His Glory, stepping upon the high places of the spirit realm.

Many will begin walking in a greater measure and sphere of Kingdom Authority and true Kingdom Identity.

He says, “Get ready to go and flow, for the whirlwinds of Revelation are now beginning to blow across the body of Christ.

My Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding is illuminating and readjusting the lens of your faith, hope and expectation in this season.

For I AM about to do something new that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard and minds have not conceived.  I have already begun, do you see it?

Come, let us go up to the high places together, where I can readjust your focus and enlarge your faith, where I can give you eyes that see beyond the realms of darkness and destruction, and ears that can hear the sound of My heartbeat for the nations, and a renewed mind, that can understand and perceive the hidden mysteries of My Glory and power.

For upon the high places, nothing is hidden or withheld from my sons and daughters, but all that I AM and all that I have to give is released, revealed and uncovered in this higher place,” says God

“For even now, I AM rewiring your present mindsets, returning your hearts to the frequency of heaven and sensitising your ears to the vibration and frequency of My Spirit,” says God.

“Watch, for new pathways are now breaking open before you.  Pathways leading to a new land of promise and purpose, a highway of holiness to the rivers that run in the dry wastelands, for the times of refreshing and reawakening are here,” says God.

“Come!  Stop, look and listen!  This is the hour of supernatural launching!  Pay attention to what My Spirit is saying and doing in this season, for it is time to drink from the fountain of life, abundance and pure delight.

The crystal clear waters from the river of My Glory will now reawaken your senses, revive, replenish, restore and refresh all those that come.

Beloved, it is time to step into a new place of substance, where your faith walks on water. Open your mouth and I will fill it, and the rivers of Living Waters will flow forth from your bellies.

Here in this secret place, this higher place, you will be reconnected to the true power source where new life and healing flows, where the power of My presence can penetrate, permeate and saturate every fibre of your being.

For My river flows from the highest of places, from the Throne Room of Grace and Glory. It draws those who are weary from battle.  The sound of its waves call out to many to come and soak and to be satisfied.

The power of my river strengthens many to forget the past seasons and it empowers them with new strength and greater courage to move and advance forward into the new land that I have prepared and predestined for them,” says God.

“Yes, yes My beloved.  I AM is doing a new thing in the midst of you!  Now draw near and be stilled and invigorated by the reassuring sounds of My rivers current that will move and push you forward.

Its waters will cleanse and purify.  It’s waters will remove every entanglement of fear and sense of failure.

My River of Abundance sustains and supplies your every need.  It brings forth abundant fruit and freshness all year round, and wherever My river flows, it brings forth freedom, healing and restoration, and everything it touches is changed and transformed!”


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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