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This Is The Time! — 11 Comments

  1. Thankyou Sandi for these words of life..we stand in total and complete agreement with you…may you be blessed abundantly…you are a mighty woman of God…Blessings

    • I receive your kind blessing, Roopa. You are so welcome. Please know and receive just how powerful our agreement is! Grace and blessings to you as well, Sandi

    • So grateful, Marc for your total and complete agreement..that all by itself carries heavenly weight of power to make things happen! May the Lord continue to shine His light so brightly in you and through you! Sendings blessings in abundance to you and Tami! Sandi

  2. So Encouraging Sandi. Words of life- good medicine for the soul. Blessings. ;)> As Jesus said –
    “Be of good cheer – for I have overcome the world”.

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