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  1. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you dear sister Syreeta Thomas, it’s your beloved brother in Christ, Norm Bacon. I follow your posts, being honest, I don’t follow many because of so many false antichrists rising, creating a platform of deception, I have to be be careful, guarding my heart, allowing Jesus Christ to cover my mind in his Blood in the Holy Fire and power of the Holy Ghost, in Jesus’ mighty name.

    I stand in agreement with this Word in which you’ve written via post. I pay close attention and respect your position in Christ, your gifting by God and faithfulness unto Him from the heart. God bless you and may the perfect will of the Lord be done in/through Jesus Christ our Savior, Blessed Hope and Lamb who is the only One that can cover us divinely or supernaturally in his unfailing,all powerful Blood.

    I extend true love, peace and blessings to you sister Syreeta Thomas, I see your beautiful heart ❤️. God bless you!❤️❤️❤️

    • Good evening dear brother Norman I concur with what you have said regarding being careful of whom you follow because it is of utmost importance that one is not led down a path where God is not and they’re so many voices speaking today but who is actually carrying the Father’s sound that makes a difference. I thank God that you are being blessed and edified by the posts and pray He is being glorified in all I do. God bless you and yours richly

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