This Season is Different!

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Greatness is yours…  No excuses!

You can do it….  Things will be different for you this year.  There are no excuses in this year of 2015.  The only person that can hold you back is “you”!

Declare that you are stronger, better, and greater in god and in life!  This is your time and your year!   No excuses!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”   Philippians 4:13.

A New You!

Out with the old and in with the new.  Don’t let the old stop you from getting to a better and greater you!

Put the past behind and keep moving forward!

This Season is Different!

Make sure you have a stable and true foundation in The Lord because this season is like none we have ever seen.  It is going to be a wave of God’s power manifesting strongly and overwhelmingly in the earth both in the natural and in the spiritual.

Many things are taking a turn in the earth and God’s power will strongly judge the wicked and the righteous.  Some events will be good and glorious and some will be destructive and catastrophic.  Your stability and faith in god is what will keep you grounded when these events occur and abiding in him in the secret place will keep you peacefully safe and is key for his people in this season.

The Lord is consistently warning and preparing us for the things to come.

Psalm 3,  Psalm 46,  Psalm 91,  Palm 96,  Ecclesiastes 3,  Ecclesiastes 12:14,
Romans 2:6.

Focus on God!

Changes will be miraculous and suddenly in this season so don’t focus on your current situation or circumstances because they are only temporary.  God is bringing changes that will unexpectedly and suddenly change your situation from one circumstance to another.

Don’t put any focus on your troubles, rather trust that God is going to do it instantly and you will be down and then up within the same moment of time.  Keep your focus on the power and sovereignty of God!

“Jesus told him, “stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!”  John 5:8.

Miraculous:  Occurring through divine or supernatural intervention, or manifesting such power.
Suddenly:  happening, coming, made, or done quickly, without warning, or unexpectedly.


– by Geraldine Coleman

Geraldine ColemanGeraldine Coleman:  Is a teacher and educator and ministers to prisoners at a prison facility where she is an instructor.



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