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Throw Your Stones to the Ground! — 2 Comments

  1. So true. I am also “sick” of this “religious” behaviour. Some like to throw stones, others bring flowers.  Some have no love, no compassion and – just one example – no flowers. Only accusations. Jesus will judge perfect and right on Judgment Day. Together with His saints. HALLELUYAH ! AMEN.

  2. A-Men!  A-Men!  What a timely admonition, worthy to the entire church nation, and your message should be put on TV and repeated every 5 minutes coast-to-coast across the nation!  The sad part is that this flagrant situation has exceeded all normal boundaries, and has thoroughly spread throughout the entire church, because the Lord is exposing all sin and darkness right now, and those who participate in this lawlessness are being exposed in front of everyone.  rick

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