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Time May Change Me, but I Can’t Trace Time — 5 Comments

  1. YES & AMEN! My deepest Sympathy re: Your Mother. I recently experienced the transitioning of MY Father! May you find great comfort in knowing that she is in a Much Better Place! God Bless You & Keep You!

  2. Thank you all for your thoughtful condolences and prayers. She lived a long and meaningful life of service. She was the type of person that showed love to everyone she met.

  3. My sincere condolences on your loss.  My mother faced dementia and other devastating medical problems at the end, but a remembered song always brought a smile to her face.  The medical problems took her before she lost everything to dementia.  We were able to pray the Aaronic priestly blessing over her the last night she was aware of us.  She squeezed my hand with her little hand and we were able to say goodbye properly, a very precious memory for me.  Now, I play Wayfaring Stranger when I need to cry for her without going off the deep end.  May God comfort you in your loss.

  4. Sorry you lost your Mom.  Lost my Dad a few years ago and life is not the same.  Prayers headed your way for comfort.

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