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  1. Pressing in to spend time with Him is hard when He appears as an unkind father. When for months on end you plead for bread – a job, a home, an income, a spouse – and all you get is a stone. When all four survival areas of your life have come to nought, devastation all around, and months of waiting, standing in faith, proclaiming victory, come to nothing, intimacy with Him seems impossible.
    But nevertheless at Thy word I will try again. For where else can I go? Whom have I in heaven but You?
    Thank you Mary, but please pray as there are thousands of us not getting our breakthrough. The road just gets too long…

    • Just a word for you..Remember what the word says..Tho I face many trials and Tribulations…tho I am cast down…tho I face afflictions and hunger, I come to the cross with my Faith…Also in the Book of Revelations, HE says, The OVERCOMERS will inherit the Kingdom…Don’t give up!!

    • Wow, be blessed. Rey precious one… love yourself first and do the next right thing, nothing more and enjoy chatting to HIM as you go… we are ruined for anything else but Jesus he is all….
      Love to you in spades dear one

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