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Time to Find Your Tribe and Get Inside! — 2 Comments

  1. Amen for the great teachings. God changed the name of our church intercessory watsap group to ‘free lo moo’ what does those words mean.
    It was so automatic and it indicated that its my phone number that changed which was not the case. It was just an automatic change.

  2. From once have been depending on ‘sister and brothers in faith’ the Lord has by years of separation, tests and trials taught me to depend on Him alone which is the only way to true spiritual discernment.

    This was (is) the main goal of Jesus ministry, to teach the disicples to walk as He did, alone and depending on the Father only.
    Only those who are walking this ‘lonely’ walk are invisible connected in the Spirit, which is ‘the upper room’ and our minds which is the true place where His disciples are gathered.

    “there were many lamps (spiritual oil which gives light to the knowledge from God) in the upper chamber where they were gathered together Acts 20:8

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