Time to follow The Lord wholeheartedly

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Just sitting thinking before The Lord as He deals with me concerning the Body of Christ.  There is so much deep deception taking place and many are asleep.  

The people are yet more materially oriented, rather than spiritually alert, about the condition of the church and world.  God dealt with me so heavily about the false worship and pretense of godliness that the church is involved in.

The mimic spirit is so prevalent now because people are not forming a relationship or seeking God for themselves.  The copying of another personality is so strong and instead of the people speaking what The Lord is saying they are either cloning another persons words or speaking competition prophecies or repeating messages from someone else.

There are so many counterfeit voices speaking and they are giving either false information or things that satisfy the flesh.  Why?  Because people are not seeking God for themselves but are relying on the information they get from conference lines and internet preachers and many of them, are unlearned, without wisdom, unaccountable, and bogus, and just creating an avenue for revenue to come into their hand.

Most of the time the words being spoken are not from the throne room, but messages to draw a crowd or to give the people comfort in their sins and unrighteousness.

Many are speaking prosperity messages, but yet are living in poverty and lack themselves.  They are telling you to sow, but they don’t sow or give themselves.  They say what is necessary to gain an audience, and to make merchandise of the people.

The spiritual decay of the people is at a all time low, and we must begin to preach the word of God that brings the people back to God back to holiness and back to righteousness.  We must rebuild the spiritual fiber of the church back to a place of obedience and reverence for The Lord.

We need to build the people back to loving God with all their heart soul mind spirit.

It’s time to make a change.

It’s time to follow The Lord wholeheartedly.

It’s time to get back on course it’s time to go back to the altar repent and serve The Lord in spirit and truth!

Don’t let the enemy deceive you souls are in jeopardy everyday and we must get back to winning souls and not building our egos.

Be Prepared for the Lord’s Will

Some of you God is about to give you a spiritual sonogram because you expected your baby to be one thing, when in fact it’s something else.

No matter how much fasting and praying you do you can’t change what God has impregnated you with.  You can’t change the vision just because you want to have a vision like somebody else.

Prepare for what The Lord wants to bring forth from you!

How NOT to treat your unsaved husband

Why, when married women get saved all of a sudden their husbands are not good enough for them?

This is the man with the same attitude and character and the same love for you.  The only difference is. he hasn’t given his life to God yet.  He yet provides for you, respects you, and give you the same attention he did before you got saved.

And then let me go farther.  Before you got saved, you were in the club and doing sinful acts and you said you loved him and wanted to stay with him.  Weren’t your vows for better or worst richer or poorer until death?

And how now, because you are saved, he can’t touch you sexually because now you say you are holy and he is unclean?

Listen.  Stop making it look like God is destroying marriages because one person gets saved.  Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled.  Getting saved, does not mean now your husband is no good or you can’t treat him like your husband.

Women, if your husband isn’t saved, and you acting like you now a chaste virgin and so holy, this is MOT going to win him.  You are beating him down with the Word.  Calling him a heathen or no good sinner won’t help him to want The Lord.  Neither is talking about what the Pastor says about unsaved husbands all day, going to want him to get saved.

Withholding sex from him, and threatening him that he will have to sleep in another room, won’t get him to the altar either.

How did saved women get to a place where their husband is now inappropriate for them and they are no good for them?

For those of you saying you lost your husband because you got saved, stop lying!  Some of you lost your husband because you lost your mind when you got saved.  All this foolishness happening because somebody either heard a wrong voice got a foolish prophecy or was trying to find a excuse to get rid of their husband anyhow.

Pray fast stand in the gap and war for your husband and stop acting like you got mental issues since you accepted Jesus!

Women and Men are in the same side!

MEN, WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE, FIGHTING THE SAME ENEMY  All I have to say is this if the women hadn’t shown up at the tomb, the men would yet be arguing about if Jesus rose from the grave.

The women had evidence and a conversation with the angel all the men had was word of mouth.

Don’t tell me I can’t preach while you somewhere hiding from the warfare of the enemy!  If your only argument is man is the head then go get somebody to lead!  Can we just win these souls together and increase the Kingdom!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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