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America 2022: Time to Take a Stand and Vote for Righteousness — 7 Comments

  1. WOW! So glad that God’s Ways are not like Man’s and Neither are His Thoughts! HE is Sovereign and Does what HE wants, How He wants & When HE Wants! Because the Heart of king is in His Hand!!! Praise God that the ‘Government SHALL BE Upon HIS Shoulder! Isaiah 9:6!!!☝

  2. The opposing party suggests: “Help us, help you, help us” and they are rotten to the core. I hope we get to dance in the streets in celebration of freedom, liberty & the sanctity of life.

  3. Amen to every point made!

    This morning I told my wife to vote for Jesus and if she did not see His name on the ballot to vote for Righteousness!

    We will vote for Righteousness today and our Almighty God will give our country back to the people and a great return of this Nation back to God in the days ahead in powerful way!

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