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To My Friends…. — 4 Comments

  1. Just prayed for you after reading this. ABBA revealed a lot of open doors for you brother. He will definitely use more than you’ll ever know. We love you

  2. Thank for sharing your heart, the body of Christ is in a mess, but we need to continue to press into God, Sometimes it’s not easy but with God we can do everything.God knows where each of us are in our walk with Him.
    Continue to be encouraged and share the Love with others.

  3. Bless you, Mr. Blackburn and bless all of the others out here in the world who have been through exactly what you have.
    The “world” is in the church, along with legalism, need for power,jealousy, the Jezebel spirit, music which has been turned into entertainment. But, where is the HOLY SPIRIT?
    Thank GOD we have people like you, willing to step up and speak out.
    Our GOD is a loving and patient GOD, yet one day soon, He will completely separate the wheat from the tares for the last time.

    When HE gives us a song – sing!
    When HE gives us flight-take wing!

    Listen for HIS voice and be in obedience. HE supplies HIS true servants with what we need to carry on. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME for HIS FAITHFULNESS !

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