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  1. Walking through the Red sea full of Shadow, encouraged to face the terrors that hid.
    I discern a fear I’ve never known
    Fear of missing Him, doubting Him, disappointing Him then He rushed to my side & swept His huge arms around me, & whispered;

    Keep going, your almost on the other side. Your Papa

    He sorted me in seconds, now my enemy is crushed under my feet.
    & the JUST shall live by FAITH

  2. Dr. Dee, this is so interesting. Early this morning, I started to write my testimony on a Cafe for Christians in Korea. It was about my 50-year whole story which was full of miracles, especially related to God’s healings and step-by-step small breakthroughs in my life. I was afraid because it was my first time to tell my story in public. My testimony/life story can’t be in alignment with the main stream of Christianity; Calvinism and the seemingly Bible-focused belief. They tend to eliminate various miracles and supernatural things like angels and encountering with spiritual entities as well as the existence of prophets out of their life. But I would like to tell people that I have followed the Bible and have experienced the Bible and God since in my childhood more than anyone. Breaking the iceberg at the front began. I believe a little fear in my mind will be changed into certainty and boldness by God little by little. I went out of my world of timid thoughts and started to move toward the place God pushes me to go into. I feel God is pushing me continually. There is no turn-back. I will tell the truth in Jesus, my savior because it is time to wake the whole body of Christ up. I hope my testimony will give many believers a small light of enlightenment. Thank you for your timely message in the Holy Spirit. Confirmation.

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