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  1. Amen!!! I was in a situation and the Lord said “Not of me” I quickly removed myself because we knew it was not lining up with The Lord and HIS word!!

  2. A confirmation…. Yes, a great deception has settled in churches. So many methodic programs. Visitors from afar come with big names and well organized programs, much flight and hotel costs, to speak, to talk, to proclaim. Yes, run from those who say they love God and you, but when you are in needs, they can`t be found – they are back on the beach.

  3. Yesterday evening I was invited to a very pentecostal house meeting, 14 people were there. For sure, brothers and sister in Jesus Christ. But so shockingly few words of the Holy Bible. No warnings of His soon return. Many want to speek “prophecies” over others. Comforting each other is good, but I wonder why only 1 had the Bible with him (and I). Maybe now a storm breaks lose. I do NOT come here to discuss God down. I wish people would take Bible more serious. I think, this is GOD`s desire, too.

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