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Touch Not God’s Anointed or His Prophets — 3 Comments

  1. Just yesterday morning, before i even saw this post, I got talking with a colleague & I told her all those lying against me to destroy my personality will be greatly punished by my God as vengeance belongs to God.  Also, that God said touch not my anointed ones & do my prophets no harm. This is just the confirmation. Thank you Holy spirit! Thank you God’s vessel; ELAINE!

    • 3 times the Lord sent this message to me in one day. This post was last confirmation. I have prayed for my enemies and put them in God’s hands

  2. While we should not touch God’s anointed and prophets, we should not overlook the old Testament context of this scripture, where the “anointed” was a synonym for kings and Levitical priests, who were literally anointed as with oil, and where the prophets had a special role in communicating the word of the Lord before the later outpouring of the Holy Spirit enabled all God’s people to hear from Him and to prophesy.  [This is not to deny the New Testament calling of the prophet, which also has its own context.]

    We should be also aware of another scripture that
    “.. many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” [Matthew 24:11]
    They will be the first to misuse the first scripture, when called out.

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