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  1. Thank you, dear brother Chris, for this powerful report of GOD’s miracles. Nothing, truly, NOTHING is impossible for Him !

  2. I have a wonderful story that happened to me. I was going to a Doctor appointment across town, a 45 minute drive, I usually missed the rush hour traffic, but this day I was in the thick of it. I’m in Arizona, going from the east side to the west side on the highway in one of the busiest in our area near Phoenix, there are about 6 or 7 lanes in this one part, 4 lanes,1 entrance on the left side and 1 three lane entrance/exit ramp on the right.
    A small pickup truck came from the left side and crossed all lanes of traffic heading to the exit on the right, Traffic was bumper to bumper, I caught the truck out of the corner of my eye, shocked at what he was doing, he was going to cause a serious accident, but then I see the side of his face about a foot from mine, I am driving a big SUV, I knew that he just passed through the front of my vehicle! I immediately knew that happened but my mind was like, that really just happened!  Thank You Lord!!!

  3. Thank you for such encouraging testimonies. The Lord has put in my heart the story of Philip lately. These testimonies are speaking to me.

  4. WOW! JUST LIKE GOD TO CONFIRM!! Thank YOU!!! Testimony 1 is What I experienced! The car went through our Vehicle! ABSOLUTE MIRACLE – No Accident -NO IMPACT! Did Not know about TRANSLATION back during the 90’s. But received a Prophexy years later that God was going to Translate me through the earth! Praise The Lord!❣️

  5. I have had two such experiences.  During covid I was in our local market and found myself at another exit than the one I should have used to get out of the crowed market.

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