There are things, we don’t like to talk about.  We have lived at such a level of reasoning, that anything which is thought to be correction, reproof or rebuke, is called, negative.  We have settled into this rut, that only nice comments and pats on the back, are considered edifying.  Where we once had those who were always preaching damnation and dangling everyone over the pit of hell, we’ve seen a severe swing; far over to the other side.

Without a doubt, it makes more sense today, to see why most of the people of God, did not like the prophets.  We can toss out all those books if we choose; but they were constantly having to tell the folks, things, they did not want to hear.  And whether anyone else understands or not, it wasn’t fun to be delivering news, that you were constantly under fire for; perhaps even losing your life.  It is only a certain kind of person, that can take that kind of rejection.  It’s another reason why God chose these, before they were born.

Why talk about tribulation?  If anyone thinks we are going to launch a widespread debate on pre, mid or post tribulation, your are going to be disappointed.  You don’t always have to be happy or thrilled over what the Spirit leads you to say; after all, the last I checked, we are still human.  But, you learn to humble yourself and become obedient; especially, when you recognize the dire need, of this hour.  Look up and see how many times this word is used in the Holy Scriptures.  Also, make a note on how many times the NT Apostles, said they went through this. It’s required, for patience.

Seducers and deceivers, are becoming more brazen and growing at an alarming pace.  If whomever we are following, says that they have the Holy Ghost, and they are not absolutely seeking and truly following the leading of the Spirit, they are already deceived.  And, so are we.  If we are actually living in the last days and in the end times, we should be hearing trumpets, blasting from every hill and plain.

Those on the wall, should be shouting out to everyone in their hearing distance; that tribulation is upon us; tribulation that we have never seen in all of our lives.  We already see it in foreign lands, and even beginning here.  And it’s ears, that are not hearing.

The word means: great affliction, trial or distress; suffering, and it means grievous trouble.  An experience that test’s one’s endurance and patience or faith.  People will say, you old prophet of doom.

I wonder how they will feel, when they realize that those who were supposed to remind them to watch and stay alert, didn’t.  It’s not about fear; it’s about keeping watch, and staying with an ear to the Spirit.  It’s coming.  Jesus said it would.  And it’s going to take that, to reach some people; to shake us out of our lethargy and that very self-centered, look at me, party atmosphere and deception.

We cannot fake travail, or weeping before the altars.  I say again, with a sad heart; those we believed in, told us we would be out of here; we would not face real tribulation.  You know how we can tell that they were and are wrong?  We’re still here.  These scriptures, will be fulfilled.

Ten virgins; half didn’t make it.  Why did He tell that?


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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