True Christian Leaders


Sometimes I sit back and wait on the devils to expose themselves.

I am finding out that there are persons who truly don’t understand what Ministry is all about.  I find the ones who have so much to say about those who are operating in a Holy positive way in the Body of Christ, do so because they have never done ministry on a outreach scale, or had to deal with the foolishness that takes place on the field, or have never pastored a diversity of people.

Often people talk about leaders when they have not been in a leadership position.  Real leaders encounter much, because they are not caught up in the politics of religion or the traditional and denominational barriers of church rules and regulations.

True leaders:

  1. Are holy and righteous in their lifestyle because they know they are watched by God.
  2. Are accountable to God and the people.  They know their assignment is to the people.
  3. Are not in their position for money or fame.  They know that they are only being used as vessels by God and that He can remove them at any time.
  4. Have to deal with persons who don’t like them or agree with them.  They understand that there will always be somebody challenging their leadership decisions.
  5. Have to make personal sacrifices at times during their assignment.  They understand that there are times even their faith is tested in their calling.
  6. Have to endure persecution for their discipline and correction decisions.  They realize that they will have to chastise persons that will get upset but they know if they don’t, God will hold them accountable.
  7. Can’t play favorites with those under their leadership care.  This many times causes conflict especially when you pastor family and friends.
  8. Many times go to preach and are mistreated or taken advantage of and have used their own personal money to pay their expenses that a lying preacher has promised to pay back.  If they are like me, many times I pay my own way or get my own room on the promise of a leader reimbursing me, only to have them play the “I don’t have it” game after you have have preached for two or three days.
  9. Know that they have a Judas that sits among them, but they have to love them also, because they have an assignment with them.  People don’t understand that they can’t remove them until God says so!
  10. Know that what they preach will offend those who don’t want change.  They have to risk losing a few sometimes to save many.  They don’t change their message just because people don’t like it.
  11. Know that though they have people in position, they are yet accountable by God for what happens in the ministry even if somebody else messes up.  That’s why leaders must pray and seek God so they can know what is going on in the church.
  12. Know that they don’t really have an off day or a vacation, because as a leader you are accountable to the sheep.  We have to balance, but you can’t say to a person who is about to commit suicide, to call at certain hours or meet you at church on Sunday!
  13. Realize that they have to wear many hats at times.  Real leaders, before they will allow a breakdown or something to go undone, will roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.
  14. Know that they have to balance family and ministry.  Sometimes it may be difficult when you have a spouse who doesn’t walk in agreement with what God has called you to do.
  15. Know they must have a lifestyle of prayer and fasting in order to maintain their flesh under control.  They understand that the enemy will try to destroy them through carnality if they don’t.
  16. Realize that they are always under a microscope.  They know that somebody is always looking for a reason to accuse them of not living what they preach so they are constantly checking themselves to make sure they are above reproach.
  17. Know that they have to walk in love and handle ever situation in a godly manner displaying Christlike character at all times.  They know one outburst one wrong move can put them in a position of being disrespected by those they lead.
  18. Can’t allow those they lead to get to close and intimate with them.  They love them but they know that they must form boundaries so that they can continue to lead without conflict because the people only see them as a friend or buddy.
  19. Must be full of wisdom in order to be able to deal with the many situations that often occur in the Body of Christ.  They must have the ability to handle different situations and to judge without bias all things!
  20. Have the ability to continue to work even when they are going through themselves.  No good leader lets their troops see them in a state of failure brokenness or discouragement.

I have learned in ministry that if the leader collapses the people often times give up.  A leader has to know how to take a licking and keep on ticking.

These are just a few things that being in leadership can happen.

Nobody knows how many sleepless nights or times that ministry gets so overwhelming especially when you are pouring your life into persons that many times don’t appreciate your sacrifice.

There are leaders who have given up everything to obey the LORD and have put their heart and soul into obey God and often times they are mistreated or hurt by the very ones they are called to protect and serve.

Yes I know there are bad leaders, but not all of them are crooks, thieves, whoremongers, liars, schemers etc..  There are some good leaders and I don’t like it when people lump everybody in the same category.

Some of you have an opinion, but the only thing you every led is a gossiping mess, making committee!

So before you talk, make sure you have walked in that leader’s shoes.  You may find out you have the wrong perspective on leadership!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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True Christian Leaders — 2 Comments

  1. This spoke to my heart, great leaders walk in humility and to this truth, I take your wise words to heart, doing ministry is doing it God’s way no matter the shipwreaks, thank you once again for words that minister! To God be the Glory!!!

  2. I often wonder how you know if you’re on the right track when you are constantly being devalued for every word you speak over the people.  I know that I am not perfect but going in ministry and trying to pass something on to the people only to have someone get up every Sunday and discredit what you say can be a bit challenging.  I think I need to go in time out and find out what God really wants me to speak over his people,