True discernment within the body of Christ


This is the hour when God will get his Glory.  This is his day.  This is his hour.  Jesus did not come to seek the glory and honor that came from man.  He came to do the will of the father.  He said, why do you seek glory and honor that comes from one another and not seek the glory that comes from God only?

So many times we worry about what others think of us.  Sometimes we are afraid to speak the truth we know, because we worry if we might offend someone with the truth.  There are times we sat back and say nothing, because the oppressors of the truth try to silence the true seed of God’s word, from coming forth, and many times, for many reasons, we sat back from speaking and doing the word… like the truth, is a option.  For whatever reason we may have, we need to realize that this his HIS hour… this is HIS day and He will be glorified.. and that within His saints.

If we offend someone with our words, okay, apologize.  But if people are offended over His word, DON’T!  Jesus never apologized for the truth He spoke, even though He knew many would oppose and reject it.  He simply moved on to the ones who would receive the kingdom message, that he preached.  He moved on to other cities, for hitherto was he sent.  He tore down false teachings and exalted the truth.  He did not care who liked it, or not.  The will of His father was to preach the truth of the kingdom and repentance, to the ones to whom He was sent.  He had enough discernment to know the ones who were able to receive it, and the ones who were opposing and rejecting it.

He knew those who were his, and he knew those who were of their father, the devil.  And yes He openly told them to their faces.

He spoke differently to the two, because He understood the two seed-lines and He knew the enemy. He knew His message would bring division, because of the great falling away of the truth that was taking place, as many were following traditions and false doctrines, and commandments of men.  As many still are today.  Why?  Because they want their glory and their way and will.

Today we need that same discernment.  We need to recognize the enemy and that, yes, he works through people.  His seed of falsehood is very much alive and working in those temples in this land today.  These are opposing the Truth, and trying hard to change the truth of God’s word, into lies and fables.  Also they speak evil of the truth, and things they do not understand. Why?  Because they are carnally minded and cannot receive the truth.  Why?  Because they do not have a love for the truth that the might receive it and be saved.  So God gave then a strong delusion, for that reason.  They love themselves and are more concerned with being right, and getting glory for themselves, than about the actual truth going forth and God receiving his Glory due His name.

Those who are truly with Jesus and are hearing and following Him – His voice in this land today – do not care what others think of them.  They have the same purpose Jesus did.  They preach the true message of the kingdom and repentance.  They turn people from the power of satan to God.  They love not their fallen lives, unto death.

They are sick of seeing the devil’s works and his lies and deceptions, and they are sent with the same seed of the truth, to speak it in season and out of of season.  They are constant and FULLY persuaded in their own minds.  They love the truth, and want to see and know it will come forth, even as Jesus said it would, no matter how many have tried to twist it, to their own benefits and beliefs.

None suffered as Jesus did, and none deserves His glory.  He said we would partake in it, if we partook in His sufferings.  When we are buffeted, and persecuted, and hated for that truth, we are bearing in our bodies the very marks of the Lord Jesus Christ and we are partaking in that suffering, and when his glory is revealed, it will be within those saints who are faithful to him, and His Word.  He will be glorified.  He did all of this for His great love for us, His creation.  That is why the true worshipers love him so much, and His truth.  Because he first loved us.  That is why we worship him in spirit and in truth.  That is why we want to share this gospel with others, because his love abides in us.

That is why we tear down false teaching and lies, because He abides in us.  His love.  He gave us His truth and paid a terrible price to get it to us, because of His love.  Lies destroy – truth sets free.  That is love, and no greater love than his….  He laid down His life to get it to us, not caring about his own body, or flesh, and what others thought of him.  Ought we also to do the same?  And greater works shall we do because He went to the Father.

We need to realize that we are in a war zone, a war between good and evil, truth and lies.  If you are a soldier in this last days army of the Lord, then you will have to have this discernment I am speaking of.  You will have to know the difference in the two.  We have to get of full age and have our spiritual senses exercised, to know the difference.  Else we will condemn the just, and justify the wicked, and call evil good and good evil.  Jesus said, woe to those that do this.

Can you imagine an army of people not knowing their purpose or the battle?  And not recognizing the enemy?  Do you suppose they would win?  Can you imagine a people who cannot figure out which side they are on?  So they stand in the middle.  And whom do you suppose are going to be the first shot down in that battle?

It will be those who do not understand their purpose, or the battle, and cannot even recognize their enemy.  They, those in the middle of that warfare, will be the first ones to get shot down and fall.

We have to get understanding.  We must seek and pray for it.  We must get the revelation such as Paul.  He was not taught it by man, but by the Holy Spirit of God.  Then you will be FULLY persuaded in your own mind.  Then you will have that same spirit inside, leading and guiding you into ALL truth and spiritual wisdom and true discernment, just as Jesus did.  Then you will know those who are with you, because you will know them by the fruit of the spirit and you will recognize each other.

God’s true body is bringing forth one faith and one truth.  They are in one mind and or one accord.  They have the mind of Christ, that He may and does, instruct them.  They follow Him with one consent.  They stand on the truth, love it and speak it with assurance.  They will be the ones left standing, when it is all said and done.

God’s true army, His true body stand together.  The foot doing it’s purpose, the arm doing its purpose, and knowing each part works together to fulfill the same one and only, single purpose: the will of the Father.  They stand shoulder to shoulder.  They cover one another – not tear down one another.  They lift up Jesus!  They give Him the glory due His name.


Kimberly Fuller

Kimberly Fuller Kimberly Fuller




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  1. Our intentions should never be offensive and sometimes human passion and zeal, as Saul showed us can be offensive but in his transformation by the Spirit in becoming Paul he was led by the Spirit and was not offensive for he spoke truth. But his truth was not derogatory, didn’t call people names, or berate or belittle then. His truth revealed the Father’s love for us through the Son. The Good News is all that call on the name of Jesus can be saved. The Good News is that all that believe on the one the Father has sent can have eternal life, for The Father no longer counts those who believe in His Son and his resurrection, as dead to their sins but alive in Christ for His son bore those sins, died then arose again on the third day, and those sin died in His body!! That those who are born again are sins and daughters of God! And when the Son of Man be lifted up all men will be drawn unto Him! Are we pointing the eyes of the lost to Christ? For their transformation or are we pointing them to their sins which died with Christ or could be forgiven if not already forgiven. Is the church serving as the sign post to Christ or the source of misdirection in the road, confusing poor people who know they need a risen savior and want to change but are stuck being beaten down by their past and not being told about the glorious future they could have with all their sins forgiven and peace in Christ Jesus because of what he did on the cross.