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True discernment within the body of Christ — 1 Comment

  1. Our intentions should never be offensive and sometimes human passion and zeal, as Saul showed us can be offensive but in his transformation by the Spirit in becoming Paul he was led by the Spirit and was not offensive for he spoke truth. But his truth was not derogatory, didn’t call people names, or berate or belittle then. His truth revealed the Father’s love for us through the Son. The Good News is all that call on the name of Jesus can be saved. The Good News is that all that believe on the one the Father has sent can have eternal life, for The Father no longer counts those who believe in His Son and his resurrection, as dead to their sins but alive in Christ for His son bore those sins, died then arose again on the third day, and those sin died in His body!! That those who are born again are sins and daughters of God! And when the Son of Man be lifted up all men will be drawn unto Him! Are we pointing the eyes of the lost to Christ? For their transformation or are we pointing them to their sins which died with Christ or could be forgiven if not already forgiven. Is the church serving as the sign post to Christ or the source of misdirection in the road, confusing poor people who know they need a risen savior and want to change but are stuck being beaten down by their past and not being told about the glorious future they could have with all their sins forgiven and peace in Christ Jesus because of what he did on the cross.

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