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Truly, Deep Calleth Unto Deep! — 6 Comments

  1. Tracking the “wilderness journey on Exodus says it all.  Digging your wells within is “hard work”, and years of building a “relationship” with the Creator who wants to be your FATHER!  Our Father, instructs, corrects, trains and grows us up!!!!  We are hearing from the same spirit, The Spirit of God,who speaks to through His Son!!  thank you for the message!

  2. Very true. I’ve tried explaining afew things 2 people and they just listen with no response one person only recently told me she has reached a level in Christ where she now remembers and understand our past conversations.  90% people are only wading in the ocean 10% are deep in and allowing the waves of faith to move them without drowning. Deep things of god cannot be translated in words.

  3. very very outright fact and just a spot on one for the season.i herad god sya this same thing to me a second before I got onto this page.How wonderful!I praise god for the way he speaks to you and confirms.Thank you for being a blessing!

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