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  1. Respectfully, this article is concerning to me in a few ways. We are all the Body of Christ. I voiced my concerns respectfully and cited scripture. I’m even more concerned that my comments were blocked by moderators without providing feedback or a reason. Why not let people see what I have to say so we can edify the body and engage in healthy dialogue? It’s not healthy to block dissenting voices. If I’m wrong, my comment would only strengthen your position.

      • Seems you’re right. When I refreshed the page several hours after, my comments were nowhere to be found (probably meaning they had not yet been approved). I offer a sincere apology and I’m glad you’re willing to host voices that disagree in some ways.

  2. Deuteronomy 18:20-22 emphasizes that false prophets must be held accountable. It teaches us to discern messages not from the LORD by observing whether they come true. Jeremiah 17:9-10 reminds us that our hearts can deceive us, and only the Lord can truly search and test them. Placing faith in men, rather than being anchored by God’s word, leads to following false prophecies.

    We should focus more on Jesus, our savior, instead of obsessing over political figures like Trump. Although Trump enacted some beneficial policies, he shouldn’t be viewed as a Christ-like example. A prophet’s responsibility is to accurately convey God’s messages without adding personal thoughts, expectations, or political aspirations. I submit this rebuke with humility and sincerity.

  3. On October 24/2022 I had a dream.
    I was inside a car with Donald Trump waiting, waiting and waiting. The scene change and I saw him sat down signing documents when he finished he became president, then I woke up.  praying for The Lord’s will.

  4. People above do not know God’s plans for Trump that would have come to pass had Obama and his ploy Biden not taken the stage. Biden did not win anything and should never have been there. Obama has nothing but the worst for America and would like to see the ending of this great country of God’s. God has spoken to his Prophets and they get the picture and that all this trouble has been for nothing but works of the devil with Biden as the fool at the front and Obama giving daily orders to undo this God’s country now. Obama should be tried for many crimes and so should Hillary and many others. People talk as above without thinking and without knowing. It is too bad that more cannot hear the truth from our God. Trump is the chosen vessel of our God. His children are not included. They have their own lives to lead. They are not called for such a time as this.

    • If you think men can stand in the way of God’s plans, you find yourself deceived. Do not put all of your hope in the imperfect person of Donald Trump; Jesus is the name you should call on. Trump did some things that had a positive impact on our nation, but he is not a God-honoring, God-fearing man. Paying off ladies of the night to keep quiet about extramarital relations while your wife is pregnant does not indicate fruit of the spirit. However, God can use imperfect people. That does not mean though, that he’s in submission to Christ. Don’t equate a few good political policies with holiness. Placing all of your hope in politicians will always leave you disappointed. 1 John 5:19 says “The whole world is under the control of the evil one”. Place your hope in Jesus.

  5. POWERFUL!  Thank you Chris for this touching prophecy. Like all of us, Donald Trump isn’t a perfect person, he has flaws, and makes many human mistakes and blunders that are easy to criticize.  He’s not our savior…Jesus is.  But I do believe, he has been anointed by God, for such a time as this. AND since he has been placed in this position BY THE HAND OF GOD, he deserves our prayers and our requests for God to prepare him for what’s ahead.  May He receive wisdom, protection, courage, and most importantly, the EAR to hear the voice of God in the coming days ahead.

  6. Hi Chris, I would love it if this prophetic dream is of God. If it is then God has a huge work ahead of Him by changing Trumps heart to be a righteous man. Currently Trump is pushing an experimental toxic clot and killing shot that has harmed many people. In my own family, one brother got leukemia and the other Parkinson’s symptoms after taking this death shot. There is no defense for Trump. It is NEVER right to do the wrong thing. He is also pushing the red flag gun laws that take away our right to protect ourselves. This man is one world order all the way. God can change any heart. It is True that he is the rightful president as the election was stolen. I pray that God will bring him to repentance and forgive the blood he has on his hands by encouraging people to take this kill shot.

    • i agree, i have been so very confused by this.  My son keeps telling me that trump is just the demon keeping people complacent.  i try not to believe this, but him pushing the shot is hurting many, many people.  I didn’t know about him pushing gun laws against the American people, but that is damaging as well.  Asking the Lord to clarify all this, in Jesus Holy Name I pray that trump does repent and turn back to God.

      • Thank you Cissi for replying. God bless you and show you (and son and me and others who read this) the Truth. If we don’t face the Truth about Trumps evil actions and words then we can’t pray properly for him that God change his heart. Plus facing this truth will help the Body of Christ forgive him. Forgiving him and remitting his sins is much needed also for his heart change. Right now he is following the one world order and pharmaceutical/scorcery that these death shots are.  I agree totally with your prayer in last sentence in Jesus name.

  7. Some people may wonder why God would allow Biden to become president if He wanted Trump in the White House. Maybe we needed to see how bad it could get with Biden and his radical anti-God, anti-American, anti-family agenda. The bottom line is the Church needs to stand up for righteousness and say we will not be intimidated by your demands to stay closed. We will stay open and preach God’s Word even if it offends you.

    Thank you brother Bennett for posting your dream.

    • I remember my disapointment and pain when everything went different way than we expected last year. Now I know why. As a nurse, I experienced that having a patient who is lethargic, you first call him by name, then touch, then shake and then do a painful sternum rub to wake him up. A lot of us now awake because of that pain. I was Christian for decades, but fell asleep and became a lukewarm believer. After I felt that pain, my inner spiritual man woke up. I said to our Lord: I will be alive, I will fight. If I will need to join underground Church, I will be there…


  8. I too believe that Trump is coming back but that we have also got to ask the question why did the Lord permit him to go away?  One part of the answer I would suggest is that much of the church was looking to him as a saviour, and that there is a danger than many still will.

    • That theory doesn’t make sense to me since many people thought that about Obama, who had 2 consecutive terms, and now Biden (well at least when they voted for him). Honestly, I don’t know God’s reasons. Whatever they are, He has no exposed the worldwide evil.

      • The difference with Trump is that it was largely Christians who saw him – but never Obama – as a saviour; and I believe that the Lord is more concerned with idolatry in His own people by whom He must indeed be seen as the only Saviour.

    • I believe this comment is right on the ‘mark’, Mark! This is what I see and believe too. God is doing a deeper work and working on the man but us, also. Said with respect for ‘President’ Trump! The patriotic move, can make it republican vs democrat but still divide us. Don’t get me wrong, who is the more right? Still the issue is of the heart. We can’t make a God of a leader and look to them more than Jesus Christ for the answers. Our focus must always be on the Lord! AS God raises him back up let us also raise up, to lift up a true standard of righteousness.

      Thank you my brother Chris for all you shared. There is always a cost to sharing what many are not seeing. God bless you for this post and your faithfulness! Honor to whom honor is certainly due.

    • He actually never left. By Geneva convention, Biden and DS had one year to rule. Now, when the year is over, and they never proclaimed they are in war with us, military will step in. President Trump is playing by the book. Nobody can blame him and white hats they did something against the law. The vaccines were created so we can stop the lockout. The DS planned to keep us locked until now. Now they using mandates what are not the law of the country.

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