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  1. Thank you Dearest Kelley for this prophetic message for me again. Jesus really cares about me. HE knows all am going through. Yes, fellow Christians had lied & still lying & defaming my name for what I know nothing about. Its been a tough time for me but I know I am not alone as HE is Walking with me. Please DEAREST, I need you to remember me always in your prayers to overcome these great persecutions & God to fight all battles for me in Jesus name.Thanks a lot prophetess Kelley

  2. I laugh at the devil again & again because he is a loser & already defeated. I plead the blood of Jesus on all my sisters & brothers on his kingdom prophecy & all over the world being tormented. My eyes are opened now to understand more the attacks I receive daily. Vibration in my head, ear pains & ringing, general body pains, incapacitation, seeing a hand showing me hearing aids which I just know its Satan that’s behind it. I also changed Accomodation & as soon as I got to the new one, I had a dream where I was told to move out of the house. I keep praying for my healing & rescue from demonic chains. I pray same for you all in Jesus name. These demonic weapons are real but our GOD IS MORE REAL. Shalom

  3. Replying to the sisters comments…they ring true to my spirit, but most people believe this is just crazy talk.
    Stand strong in the overcoming power of Holy Spirit.

  4. Thank you for the comforting words. The worst attacks are those that were and are still done through electronic torture. It doesn’t happen only to the well known, the big “whistleblowers”. It does happen against free Christians, against strong and healthy-minded people, and it already has a name: Cuba syndrome. Many get attacked by high or low frequencies, by microwaves, by laser, it’s warfare through the walls, it’s military war tactic. Sometimes they screw it up that people can hear it very clear. I sense and notice an increase in the high pitched pulses, not only during the nights, now even by day. Sleep depravation, attacks on bodies and minds. They want to cause memory loss, Alzheimer, depression etc. It’s a dirty sadistic demonic war. They even placed now words in my phone history: “Codename Asero”. Never ever i googled that before !!! I TRUST THE LORD that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME WILL PROPSPER, but it is also written through Daniel and allover the Holy Scriptures, that many of GOD’s people will suffer great pain. I get pictures every day sent onto my phone with terrible ear pain, and always new ugly pictures of ear aids. Surely, I never did research for these protheses. They love to show beforehand and afterhand what they have in their evil plans. Their terror obstacles try to prevent me from any concentration and good outcome of my urgent needed resting time and the duty for my private paid school on my free Mondays. They do not want me to succeed. It’s a crippling program. I did not want to bring bad news or bad report again, but I must tell this. And there is no escape to any place on this earth. They follow everywhere. The only escape we who suffer this, have, is JESUS CHRIST. And again, I pray, I cry out to Him: COME LORD JESUS, COME !

    • Thank you for your story Myriam. You are not the only one. It’s happening to me too, including the witchcraft coming against me.
      I started crying out for the throne of my Almighty Father as much as I can. Pleading for justice. The only one who can save us is our Lord and Savior.
      I pray for you my sister, just keep holding on. Justice will come.
      We are the redeemed of the Lord, bought with His precious Blood.
      The Lord will fight for us.

    • Thank you for sharing your story which I know is TRUE. Just like Yvonne said… you’re not alone. It’s been happening to me for almost 5 years. Electronic torture and more (like vibrations on me and in my home.  Tracking me under my floors, attacking my body with electronic jabs, like pin pricks all the time, hands are numb, ankles are swollen even my ankle bones are restructured)..day and night… every time I’m in my home, cannot enjoy dinner or take a shower without being attacked…. this is my 3rd home. I’ve been followed here too. Anyone other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is useless. There must be a lot more people involved who are demonically influenced. I’ve prayed the Blood of Jesus over me and all my homes, anointed our home and properties and it is still happening. This is the only place His Kingdom Prophecies where people are commenting on these weird events. I pray for all of us in Jesus precious name that HE comes soon to rescue us from this horror. I have been praying HIS WORD for protection for years now and I am praying He will intervene real soon! Thank God for this website for sometimes you do feel alone.

      • Deborah, the exact same thing is happening to me. Under the floors was the first things I have noticed. They use some kind of power that increases the gravity. It sucks everything down including your body fluids, hence the swollen ankles. My whole body is swollen with fluids that my body is not able to handle. I can not walk in my house except under great pressure on my feet and joints. I can not stand nor sit. I sleep on my back for over 5 months now because the pressure on my shoulders and hips was deforming them. Even sleeping on my back is very painful. I am continually being crushed under great pressure.
        No way of escape. Not one minute of relief. Then all the devices they are using. Frying my brains, using extreme mind control. The Lord has to guide me through it sometimes on a minute to minute basis. He always warns me, tells me immediately to not listen to it. To not open the door to the feelings and thoughts they are bombarding you with.
        He always tells me; “I am right here, I’ll get you through it. Only My Voice, only My Voice. Don’t give anything else a voice. Not your thoughts, not your feelings, not your pain, not the enemy. Only My Voice.
        This training is ruthless. But it makes me more determined everytime.
        The victory belongs to the Lord.
        I am so glad that I can tell what’s happening to me for one time. I am always alone. Everybody left. The only voice I hear is my own.
        And the Lord’s.
        Thank you so much for your story, knowing that I am not the only one going through this. And that the things that you are going through are exactly the same.
        Stay strong my brothers and sisters. Stay razorsharp focused on The King of Glory. Our Beloved Jesus Christ.
        Every day is a day closer. I love you all and I pray for you all.

        • Dearest sisters, I seldom return to a comment, but today only, bc I had shared a wrong name for this torture that was done to diplomats in Cuba, too.  I have set it correct – it’s called HAVANNA SYNDROME.
          I am surprised and greatly glad that 2 more sisters confirmed that I tell the truth !!! Yes, it’s a modern “witch hunt” but we are not the witches ! Those who planned and operated this murderous program, they are obsessed, they practise witchcraft, they are led by demons. I wish you supernatural strength from GOD, dear sisters.

        • To Yvonne and Myriam daughters of the Lord Jesus Christ.. what can I say, except I was shocked to hear news that I wasn’t alone after all this time.
          Thank you for info re: HAVANNA SYNDROME. Sounds familiar, something a police officer mentioned in the beginning. Not in the USA at the time, but he had read about it being from Cuba. Your description of whats involved and going on is well said. I’m so grateful that God had us meet up on this website. and I pray that we ALL receive HIS Supernatural Divine Intervention real quick!
          I love what you said “Stay razor sharp focused on The King of Glory. Our Beloved Jesus Christ.” Nothing BUT the Blood of Jesus. Love and pray for you both.

    • Sorry about the name “Cuba” Syndrome. The correct name of this modern disease, caused by microwaves and other direct energy weapons, is HAVANNA SYNDROME.

  5. C.E.V.B.

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