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Trust The LORD is in Control! — 4 Comments

  1. Praise the Lord! God bless, you Pastor June Reinke! I pray that you are doing well in the Lord Jesus, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally!
    This is an awesome word of God’s Prophecy, we must truly trust the Lord with our heart, knowing without a shadow of a doubt, that he is full control of our life, no matter how dim the situation may seem or look, knowing inside of our heart, that Jesus will never leave or forsake us, but as we allow him to lead and to follow in faith, trusting with obedience.

    I am beginning to truly understand that it is no longer I, but Jesus to be increased in my life, his Ways, Thoughts, his Will that is perfect, not my self-will. I hurt many of days, but I believe somehow Jesus will miraculously see me through.

    I sincerely thank you for sharing this post, so much appreciated!May the Lord continue to use mightily as his daughter and Anointed vessel to edify the Kingdom of God, at such a time as this, when we truly need Jesus in all areas of our life. Much love, respect and peace to you, Pastor June Reinke, to all my beloved brothers and sisters all over the world.

  2. Agreed!!
    Father thank You for Your encouragement, and bless Your encouragers.
    I lift up Your remnant today Father and place us in Your care. I put.my trust in You and declare in agreement with the word that You spoke to me this morning “New Heights.”
    I pray for Your wounded children Father, held captive in deception by Satan to do his will. I petition You on their behalf this morning Father to send forth Your Word by the Power of Your Spirit and speak to them, “let there be Light.” Forgive them Father, they know not what they do. Release Your Possibilities, Your Living Word of Truth and Your Arm of Salvation by the Power of Your Spirit and please set them free.
    I love You Beautiful Loving Father.

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