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    • God bless you Sarah. I will stand in agreement for that return and total heart change filled to overflowing with love for and from the Father. Sandi Holman

  1. God bless you Cherish for your confirmation! In this season, it seems as if those who once agreed have wavered in their opinions and agreement. Yes, even the very elect. We are truly in a time of wave upon wave of deception. We will make it to the shore as we ride the waves of change that will usher in His Kingdom. Love and blessings, Sandi

  2. Wow, thank you sister Sandi. When something is as groundbreakingly specific as this, please pardon me for bookmarking it and waiting for more Logos and rhema instruction to provide further context and congruence (akin to an initial Trump prophecy by Kim Clement, for example). I’m especially referring to the two-by-two instruction. Of course, that resonates with Jesus’ directions with his disciples! (And I would discourage those doing so, from wearing black pants, white shirts and ties, and I suspect YWAM would as well! ;-) I’ve found you very sound, thank you again! I confess I’m expecting much to happen organically in our Lord’s era of glory and a bit shy of anything appearing rigid (and especially, of authoritarian polity). Saving this!

    • Good to hear from you Arlen! Thank you for your input. It is truly a time to get down to the basics, the simplicity of the truth and the heart of God. He has not changed His mind about Donald Trump and I stand firmly on God’s promise. Yes, indeed, the Lord spoke so succinctly to me as I penned this word that it must begin with two who hearts can be pure and in complete agreement and He would multiply just as He did with the two loaves and fishes. He began speaking this to me when I came back from Asia and wrote my cookbook, Feeding the Multitudes. God bless you richly. Thanks for saving and sharing as we hold fast to His unchanging hand in a very unstable environment when even the very elect is being deceived. Sincerely, Sandi

  3. So Good!! What a confirmation, He’s Incredible!!
    I was just telling a friend last night that the reason the enemy is allowed to wreak havoc in her mind is that she’s chosen not to take the path of renewal through obedience in reading the Word and prayer, her response was that she tried, she started but the warfare was way too intense…..also that she was not under the law. I hate that excuse, it sounds so righteous but lacks power and excuses laziness. I was reminded of Zerubabel and his efforts to rebuild the wall in obedience to God’s Call. They worked side by side with weapons in one hand and tools in the other while being continuously taunted. Because of laziness and apathy the evil one has his open door and continues to steal, kill and destroy, just like the Lord warned.
    We must go through the season of intense renewal and transformation. Otherwise when the storms truly hit we’ll be taken under….I’d rather do the work and ride the waves!! :)
    God bless your beautiful heart Sandi!!
    Thank you

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