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UK Brexit: The Eleventh-hour Rendezvous — 3 Comments

  1. Parliament are meeting on Saturday 19 October to discuss the way forward for Brexit.
    You can bet your boots that they will try to either force a 3rd referendum. (The 2nd was on June 23 2016). OR they will attempt to revoke Article 50. The last time Parliament met on a Saturday was during the Falklands war of 1982.  This can only mean that they intend to try to KILL Brexit ONCE AND FOR EVER. When we wake up on November 1 and find that we HAVEN’T left the EU, as l suspect we will, because it is absolutely clear now that we WON’T have left, that WILL trigger a General Election. This is the ONE THING the opposition parties DON’T want. However, a GE is the ONLY way forward now!.  They are TERRIFIED of the outcome. The result for these Quislings and cowards will be political oblivion. AND THEY KNOW IT. Worry NOT. We WILL be OUT of this accursed organization by early 2020. GOD’S hand in this affair will move swiftly and surely to bring about what HE has ordained.

  2. The time of our deliverance from the hands of our enemies is upon us. When Brexit IS delivered, the Quislings and traitors who thought they could hoodwink OUR God and Saviour Jesus Christ are in for the biggest shake up in Christendom. They are ALREADY dead politically. They’ve thrown ALL THEY HAVE at this in a vain attempt to deny GOD’S people their destiny which has been ORDAINED by our Lord. THEY WILL NOT SUCCEED!!!!!!

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