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  1. Interesting timing. This word was ‘given’ around 2019/20, exactly when covid and lockdown hit, when it was made illegal to do so. Visiting elderly widows, the sick and the poor is something I had done my whole christian life. I was brought up being taught to respect my elders whatever their status or education & look out for those with health & mobility problems. As a young christian, my pentecostal pastor, who was a big influence on my life, had us taking food to the homes of poor, elderly widows. This was done quietly, so that they were treated with dignity and respect. I remember one lady, whose face would shine when she talked about Jesus. She had a ‘promise box’, and I would use the silver tongs to take one out.  The church has forgotten this very important ministry, tending to focus on children, young & able bodied people, events and technology, rather than face to face. Now, when a person is no longer able to come to church, there is no pastoral care, even when they were faithful members for years. The young miss out on their experience and the opportunity to serve. This is why lockdown was able to happen. Had the church been faithful in visiting the sick and those on their own, this would not have happened.

  2. Thanks for sharing Sir. The second words reminded me of how years ago I gave the Lord many reasons why I wasn’t fit to evangelize for Him until HE arrested me. Now, each time i want to step out for evangelising, I seek the Lord’ face, ask Him to make me bold, send the Holy spirit to teach me what to say & go ahead of me to touch hearts before I could get there so the people will listen to His words spoken through me. The Lord always grant this request, uses me as His mouthpiece & today evangelism is lots easier than I had thought. God Bless you.

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