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UK: The LORD Calls for the Rebuilding and Restoration of the Altars — 2 Comments

  1. I received a similar word of knowledge concerning the opening of Living Wells and these will be the site of many Altars.
    “I heard these words “A Movement of Awakened Restoration” and I asked “What LORD does this mean?” He said, “I am restoring My Bride as I awaken the vision for a restoration. I am removing encumbrances and hindrances placed upon her by those who tried to co-opt My Bride into their ministries and poach her Anointing for their greed and desire for money.

    “I am setting My Bride free from the snares and pits that My Adversary has planted. I am sending My Bride to uproot and plant true Living Wells of My Living Waters. I am setting My Bride free from those who tried to take root and ownership of her Parts and Providence. “

    “I Am moving in ways that My Bride’s enemies cannot perceive. I will lead My Bride by the hand out of the prison houses and into where I have ordained the planting of My Blessing Parish Houses secured for My Bride to oversee and rule and reign. I Am moving against My Bride’s enemies to bring judgement upon their works. I Am moving upon My Bride to bring about a recompence and restitution as My Bride follows in My Footsteps. “Those born again of My Spirit will be led forth with singing and dancing. I will cause My Bride prevail and rule and reign over all the schemes of Our Foes.”

    The full revelation is on this link:


  2. Alter looking at what this represents in the new covenant, the remnant is being called upon to ready themselves to get the temple in order, YOU the house of God. Our old presentation of what WE called the gospel has to be purified by studying these foundation truths again from the word of God so the voice is pure and precise that we are motivated from a pure heart with a pure intent look around you how God is pouring out His mercy on us, tearing the strongholds of evil out of the earth coming into the earth and enforcing what Jesus conquered the very thing we were told to do! The progression of the Old testament was king David keeping God amongst the people whereas King Solomon put Him in a house which we have all done DO THE COMPARISON FOR YOURSELVES

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