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UK Warning Dream: Royal Palace, Snakes & Cats — 5 Comments

  1. Dear Beverly,
    We read of your dream this morning. I am a pastor in Australia and only last night, started a new series of studies, re-writing some based on Elijah and how this fits in today. The core of the matter is how the “gods” are returning. Jezebel is the tip of the iceberg. I wonder if the dream is just about the royal family, but the church that should be a royal family. Your scriptures line top with want I am writing about and more. Robert

    • Robert,

      There seems to be some confusion.
      The cat in my dream wasn’t a large cat, so that’s not a Jezebel spirit. 

      When I talked about the Jezebel spirit I said it was a large cat & I was responding to Sandi’s comment of there being a lot of cat dreams of late. With many Jezebels being exposed, that would give reason for many cat dreams, if they were large cats, as in tigers, lynx, etc

      The mama cat in my dream, the LORD revealed represented Catherine, Princess of Wales & the 2 kittens her 2 youngest children, Charlotte & Louis. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear to you.

      As the body of Christ, we need to be careful in reading dreams, Words, etc from the LORD, so that we dont interpret something to make it what we want to hear.

      A Jezebel spirit wasn’t part of my dream or in the revelation from the LORD.

      Yes, there are other gods coming forth & because of the long history of wars in the UK, death, destruction & Freemasonry are a big part of the principalities involved that have been stirring the pot.

      Australia has had a huge foundation in Freemasonry, causing it great sorrow. My understanding is GOD is dealing with it now.

      I’m grateful the scriptures have helped. Thank you so much for responding.

      BLESSINGS! Bev

  2. What an interesting dream. SO many people are dreaming about cats in their dreams and have said they are deceitful because they appear one way to be loving but are very ‘sneaky’ and sometimes deceitful (In a dream interpretation class I remember) but your dream really seems truly like a warning to pray. Blessings, Sandi

    • Sandi,

      Thank you so much for responding.

      Dreaming of a large cat, can mean a Jezebel spirit is involved. With more & more Jezebels being exposed, I could see why there would be a large number of cat dreams.

      Definitely a need for prayer. I believe we will find ourselves praying more than ever before in the days ahead. Without prayers & worship, we would only make it harder on ourselves.

      Thanks for your love & kindness.  BLESSINGS! Bev

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