Understanding Godly Leadership


People don’t want discipleship today.  No!   They want the benefits, but not the relationship.

These try to rely on that good old way.  To be discipled costs us something.  We must recognize to be disciplined is his way yesterday, today and NOW.

People want instant lines, instant soup, instant prophecy, everything even three point sermons and please don’t keep us too long in prayer.  These want the status quo.

However there are those passionate ones, who wish and learn and be mentored by a man or woman of God.  For example; Like Elijah and Elisha.

People don’t want correction, they want the gift without the giver, the instructions without the tests and then they think they are ready for hands on training.

The maturity of a soul isn’t how much charisma and gifts you see, but it is seen in their character and how they respond to correction, for if we have not love, we are just noise, (1 Corinthians 13).

It is in the real lives of people who manifest the nature and character of God who are believable, especially in private.  That is where the rubber meets the road.

NONE of us are perfect and we get into trouble too, but how do we handle it in private?  I tell people look to Jesus, I am just like you!

I demand humility, loyalty and integrity to myself.  I cannot do it on my own.  Only through Christ am I able to relinquish my life to his.

My requirement from the LORD may be different from yours, but we all have requirements that come with our purpose in life.  However the majority of folks I see, when it comes to correction.

People don’t want to deal with sin or correction.  However since you are the newbie, they reverse using mirroring techniques to accuse you to others that you are controlling, manipulating and bless God your a Jezebel!.

These are just some symptoms people of God, that they do not want to deal with sin.

Don’t be gullible on Facebook or other ministry sites and other’s teachings.  Being naive can cost you!  Ask me how I know!

However, if you are God’s beloved child, it is best to never touch an anointed vessel, because that child’s face is before the LORD; and is their only defense.  Not all can fit with you in the LORD.

Also your destiny is in your spiritual DNA, ready to sprout up when He says so.  That will remain, for it is who your are.  God gives you a choice, however, to answer the call.

There are teachers, but I personally do not believe relationships remain the same.  We are to always be ever growing.  So every level in our training is just as important as others.

There may be some who will remain with you.  Others who are meant to be in that ministry and come under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the leader there.

Never determine that you will remain where you are.  Be mindful to always be hungry for more.

Also, I want you to know about me.  If God is dealing with you to leave, and everyone else says NO, don’t Go!  You go with your gut, because we each have to learn to step out in faith.

We gain strength when God is testing us to follow Him!  Now, if everyone says no, don’t go, just obey God!  Let them go WITH the statement, if they were wrong, they can always come back!  Amen!

Be patient, for help is coming to your situation.  Some He leads us to walk alone.  What is important is that every person finds their place and remains there.

I know that the enemy has been vicious and he attacks those whom God loves.  Those who have been in the desert or wilderness, please listen.  The enemy targets those who have no substance or root in their own heart, and it can dry up.

“I heard in my spirit, “Stay on target, stay on target!

Trust Me!  Turn off the noise.  Quit replacing My time with others!  You cannot trust your own heart.

Your answer is fellowship and intimacy with Me.  For in protection, to hit a huge target one must know the weakest link.

Trust me Now!  You are to trust Me by abiding, then you will have precise target and you will always hit it as long as you abide in Me,  says the LORD!”

There is a time when we are babes, but the time comes when we read it for ourselves and receive the Holy Spirit it is that Spirit of God that teaches us all things.

Just as there is blindness in the Bible, there is also spiritual blindness.  We must learn to read and write in braille.  Handling the Word, till we know it well.

The scriptures all testify that God is God and Jesus is the real deal!  When you read what the old prophets and New Testament prophets and apostles did, you might just be ready to have spiritual vision!

Read scriptures and see how those fared, who sought out God, as you too might be able to have spiritual visions!

If you feel you are being pushed away by leadership; pray so they can help you.

Ministers are just like you, we all have good days and bad.  We endure a greater measure of accountability.   We are on a quest to His heart!

Pushing people away is a good sign that a person needs more time with the LORD.  Not being condescending but humbly; our destiny is the path to His heart.

We all must beware of having no constraints, especially pride, self seeking and flattery and do not put any person on a pedestal.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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