Understanding Jezebel


When the spirit of Jezebel is upon a wife or mother in the family, witchcraft is released upon the household and it’s occupants.

The family must recognize that the person is a witch and is using manipulation to control the family through demonic means.

She will control the mindset of her family through threats through lies to get what she wants to being deceitful by using underhanded means of emotional blackmail.

She seeks to belittle those in the home until they surrender their will to her to keep her happy.

To control her Ahab husband, she will either use excessive sex and make him feel inferior to her as a woman, if he doesn’t perform for her when she wants it.  This is to manipulate and gain control so he will do what she wants or she will deprive him of her intimacy to make him become insecure, jealous or feeling as if he will lose her.

Jezebel marries a man who has the attributes of a Ahab man, a man struggling with his identity, has security issues, is dealing with self esteem issues, a man who has gone through some kind of trauma that has destroyed his strength and diminished his manly character.

Jezebel has to be in control at all times.  She will use whatever is necessary to have her way.  She can go from being sweet to seduce the family or throw temper tantrums and will holler scream and act out in anger.

She is the one who is big on taking the children to church, because she loves to appear righteous and morally good.  She is one way at home, and sweet and innocent at church.

The offspring of this combination takes on the character and attributes of their parents.  Jezebel daughter becomes just like her mother and builds a hatred for men at a young age.  The boys take on the nature of their father and often times become exhibits an effeminate nature.  Jezebel seeks to make the males in the family eunuchs and causes the daughters to hate themselves as women.  She also teaches her daughter the ways of witchcraft and how to manipulate and control through demonic methods.

Usually a family controlled by the Jezebel spirit have a high percentage of women in it that suffer miscarriages and female problems, because the Jezebel spirit hates what they consider makes a woman weaker than a man.

So in the family bloodline there are instances of hysterectomies performed, abortions, breast cancer, because she doesn’t want anything associated with the weakness of woman.

Because this spirit perverts the order of God chaos and confusion is develop.  When both parents are in the home and it’s controlled by Jezebel, their is a high percentage of homosexuality and lesbianism displayed in the bloodline.

Because Jezebel doesn’t like to really cohabit with anyone, because she refuses to be subject to anyone, the children tend to be incapable of remaining married to their spouses.  The daughters don’t get along with their husbands or mothers, because they refuse to have another woman share control of her man, and the sons never stay with their wives, because they are mama boys, always comparing their wives to mama and they only feel safe with mam,a because throughout their life she has made him dependent upon her.

Jezebel will never share control of her family and anyone that threatens that control is dealt with harshly.

The Ahab husband never challenges her.  He allows her to operate to gain whatever is necessary to make him comfortable in the home.  As long as she does what is necessary to keep the home running smoothly he allows her the privilege to rule.

The Jezebel household is full of works of darkness and those that remain will forever experience the wrath of her.  Even if they move out unless they surrender their life to Christ to break the demonic strongholds and chains that bind them, they will forever be under her control.

Remember Jezebel also dealt with child sacrifice, so she would rather see her children suffer and die, than to lose her control over them!

Pray!  Pray!  Pray!  Fast!  Fast!  Fast!   It takes God to deliver you from not only a Jezebel mother or wife, but the Jezebel bloodline!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


Understanding Jezebel — 3 Comments

  1. Oh my God!  You are right on cue about this spirit.  I have been fighting and dealing with this Jezebel spirit on a family all my life.  Thanks for exposing the truth.  I see all the attributes from this evil spirit from growing up with it.  I believe some of it is why I am still struggling with many strongholds now in my life, because of this evil spirit.  Please pray that i will be set free from the clutches of being raised around this spirit.

  2. Please pray for me!  I see these attributes and I believe I am a child of that bloodline.

  3. Is there saving power in understanding the spirit of Jezabel?

    How can focusing all of your energy understanding Jezabel save your soul?

    I believe the saving power of Christ and His finished work should be what the people of God should exalt – not a mere woman who was an enemy of God’s people.