Understanding the Plan of God for the Tribulation

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In searching for the way to speak and explain the next lesson on “How to Prepare for the Coming Darkness”, I heard the LORD begin to speak and this is what He said:

“Let me say it My way so they will understand and be clear.  Many need to understand, why the darkness.  Many do not understand My real reasons for allowing the tribulation.

I will speak now My words of explanation so they will better understand the reason for a tribulation and when the know the reasons they will be better prepared for its soon coming.

In the days of tribulation, I have determined long, long, beforehand, what I will accomplish during the tribulation.  Yes, that’s right, I will be accomplishing some very important things that only I can accomplish.

I AM that I AM, and I can do whatever I desire!  Can I not do it, all that pleases me?

So let us see what it is exactly that I will do and accomplish in or during the seven years of tribulation:


I will move to complete the course of My people [Israel], whom I have unconditionally promised to them that I would do.

Have I not promised them the land that my servant Abraham found and walked upon?

I never promise and then forget My promises.  I AM not a man that I should lie!

Please understand then My plan and it resolves around My promise to Israel.  Watch Me move them into clear understanding of exactly who I AM.

I AM Yeshua, their Messiah.  I AM Jesus Christ.  I AM He whom they have rejected, yet not forever, because I have determined upon my people of Israel [those whom I have elected to stand and see me] and they will awaken, yes, even as I have said.

They will see me and they will know me, when they see the scars in my hands and feet.  They will know, in that day, without any doubt that they have crucified the very Messiah!

Weep, they will, over their mistake, yet let me say it: they will see and know that I AM and they will know they are yet blessed even as I promised.

I told them they would be judged with blindness until I remove the veil from their eyes.  I told them I would bring them again to the land Abraham discovered for them and yet they would all stand upon that land with me as their deliverer.

Watch them and see during the terrible days, because such days must happen to awaken them, because of their stubborn hearts and closed ears.  The forcing of the veil of blindness will open yet their understanding that I AM the same God whom they seek, yet they have blindly stumbled over and even rejected.

Now, let me continue, because this is not all I will do during the seven years coming, but only part.


There will be many more there in these terrible days, than just the linage of the Israelites.  There will be all those whom I have grafted into my tree [gentiles].   All mine who are in Israel by Me as I have promised.

Have I not told you and do you yet not understand about this fact: there is now no more wall between you all?

I have by My own blood included all of mine in one family.  There is no difference between you all, both Jewish and Gentiles.  All My people are in My family and all because of me.

I have broken down all the walls dividing you and now you will all be known as brothers and sisters in My family.  There is only one.

It is a bad and blind mistake of the religious who say there is a difference between the gentiles and the Jews.  They invent such an idea because they want special favor.  They summarize to themselves: if I (God) have determined seven years of tribulation upon My people Israel [as I spoke and told My prophet Daniel] that somehow they will not be included, because they are a separate body [a Church].

By one stroke of judgment, I intend to straighten out their confusion about who each are and to whom I refer when I say: My people.

Many who have believed the lie and false assumption that the Church of the New Testament is somehow exempt, because I only referred to My people as [Israel or the Jews] as being in the tribulation days.  I will arise in My people everywhere, all of them, both Jew and Gentile, during the great and terrible days to come and in that day they all will be one as in reality they already are.  [They will walk in the tribulation time together.]

Now some do worry about the tribulation, looking only for some way out, or escape.  Let me say to all who worry: I have not entered this time without a plan.

Is the only way of escape a so called rapture?  Am I helpless and cannot win?

I AM your God!  I AM the same today as I was yesterday and forever. I can take you all by the hand and lead you.  I will cover you as well and protect you.  But, some need cleansing, even as their Jewish friends.

Yes, many in the church today are not to my approval and they too must see me and fully know me.  Yes!  They will be tested as well, not just the Jews.

Now you see, I AM able!  Can I not hide you who are faithful?  Can I not put you in the hidden wilderness places, so that you who walk uprightly are safe?

I did spare Noah and his family from the flood waters.  They [the righteous Noah and his family] lived through the judgment in my ark of safety!  See and know I AM that I AM and I can hide you [only I can do it] from the evil one and again I can cause the earth itself to block from you his flood sent out to destroy you.

The real reason I choose to save the righteous in the midst of the very judgments is: because I want the whole world to know I AM God and I can.

I have not appointed any of you, Jew or Gentile, to suffer wrath, but I will spare you [the righteous] in that dreadful day.

One thing you must know and understand: I have given freely for you to choose me and I will not take back My words.  Choose Me you must, just as always, and you will be the one to decide.

My plan is for you all to be protected, but, what will I do if you reject Me?  Remember it is your choice.

In that hour many will reject me even as the unfaithful steward of Matthew 24.  Yet then they will be the foolish virgins, who will not have enough oil to go out into the night to meet me!  Have I not warned you of a foolish and unwise decision?

I will keep my promises, yet I must keep My Word.

So you see, I want you to know I will be faithfully with you all in the days to come in the terrible tribulation, and I will never fail you.

I AM your God and you who choose me are My people.


* * * * *

I have written this word as I have heard it spoken to me, in obedience to my LORD.  Take now this word LORD and speak as only you can and teach your people of the coming darkness.  Help them to prepare by knowing your plans for them.  Help them to rest in your promises.

Scripture referred to in this word.   Please look up these words and read and study them, because they will back up this Word above.

  1. God’s promise to Abraham for the land forever….  Genesis 17:7-8.
  2. Israel will believe and be saved when the see the scars….  Zachariah 13:6, see as well Romans 11:26.
  3. Israel’s eyes veiled to not see or understand….  Romans 11:7-10.
  4. Israels veil taken away….  2 Corinthians 3:12-18.
  5. He will keep them from the day of wrath….  1 Thessalonians 5:9.
  6. Pray that you be worthy [make right decisions] to be able to escape all coming……  Luke 21:36.
  7. The story of the unfaithful steward or servant…..  Matthew:45-51.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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  1. Thank you!
    I know that this is from The Lord, because just 5 days ago, the 14th, I prayed for clarity in the Tribulation because of all of the confusion about the Rapture. Now, I am confident in this promise, that you wrote about, of His protection and if I understand correctly that it will be due to The Coming Reigning Ones along with The Order of Melchizedek Priesthood that will work many mighty wonders in the last days. Peace!, my brothers and sisters in Christ, it will be our finest hour for His Glory!! Fear will flee from the Righteous believer and the whole world will see His Truth thru us, Halleuigh to The God Most High.

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