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  1. Dear Sandi awesome word from the Lord!!! This confirms what the Lord is doing in my life: “I AM establishing the works of your hands. It is the NOW time to evaluate and examine all your yesterdays and thoughts of regret and failure and put the past behind you.” And I love this:
    Going forward into February, the month that many speak of as the LOVE month, I shall send forth a special valentine promise to you, beloved.  The Lord increase the anointing He has given you to bless His bride, much love!!!

    • Dear MF, I do love it when the Lord gives confirming word. I receive tha word for an increase of HIS anointing..which is so needed in this hour. God richly bless you. Love and prayers, Sandi

    • Roopa, Thank you so much for the blessing and the AMEN. SO BE IT! Agreement is so powerful. Many Blessings to you, Sandi

  2. Thank You LORD! Hallelujah!
    Thank You JESUS! Yes and Amen!
    I’m believin’ and receivin’ your word LORD, fully expecting all of it to come to pass in my life.
    Corresponding scriptures to your word today for anyone interested:
    1 John 4:16-GOD IS LOVE
    Gal 2:20-yet not I
    Prov 13:22-wealth of the wicked
    Psalm 90:7 BEAUTIFUL!!!
    1 Peter 5:5-6 humble
    2 Tim 1:7-NO FEAR!!!
    Psalm 36:9- let there be light
    Matt 10:8-heal the sick…..
    Phil 3:13-14 – forget behind
    Psalm 91- secret place “mercy seat”
    Thank you Sandi!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the ministry our LORD has given you.
    HE lights me up with every word HE gives me through you!
    May HE FULLY grant you the desires of your heart!


    • Dear Marc, You are so welcome. I am grateful for you appreciation of the words the Lord shares through me. That fills my heart with gladness and joy. I thank you so much for the addition of the SCRIPTURE..such a powerful confirmation of the prophetic word I so receive you blessing for the desires of my heart. Pray for my book that I am trying to finish. Love and prayers,

  3. Sandi this such a on time Word for today. Everything that can be shaken is bring shaken for sure! I love what the Father spoke to you in ‘1965’. That will preach! I wish to share it with others (of course intact as you wrote.) I love you sis and friend. ❤️

    • Your confirmation always blesses me, my sister Joyce. We are both old enough to remember the song, Shake, Rattle and Roll from the late 50’s. I often think of that when I hear the news and when the Lord keeps telling me about the shaking and awakening…He is surely going to shake our world, rattle the dry bones, and call His children to Roll with Him gives us a new song ..Mine eyes have seen the GLory as we watch Him bring vengence and redemption. Please do say that little word the Lord gave me in 1965 when the enemy flipped my whole world upside down..and that is another story. Love you, my friend, Sandi

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