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  1. God will always be love – but sadly, many souls use that to continue in sin, as a validation to continue indulging in the pleasures of the world. But God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient, he will give people time to redeem themselves – before taking action against a sin, patient He is. 

    God bless you, sister Syreeta! I understand that the level of witchcraft has heightened, due to many things happening within the spiritual realms, those crafty false sheep, God knows who they are who have crept in I believe, portaging to be sheep, but wolves opening up attacks of dark practices within the Body of Jesus Christ. I pray for their souls, because as you’ve mentioned that God will deal righteously/divinely with the spirits of witchcraft and all other dark practices, practitioners. I will keep this falling world in sincere prayer, praying for the hardened hearts, that the Holy Spirit will pierce through towards full conviction, following true repentance.

    I bid you peace and blessings, love and encouragement, sister Syreeta, a very beautiful woman of God – chosen for such a time as now, to participate in the heat of battle, in spiritual combat/warfare.

  2. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear sister Syreeta! I receive this Word of the Lord God and truly understand everything spoken. When a believer in Jesus Christ is truly filled and led by the Holy Ghost, being taught and able to discern, testing the spirits, it’s easy to recognize the true heart of a warrior of God, the true spoken words of God.

    I humbly thank God – for allowing you to share this message via post. God is good God, warning his people, all souls, of his pending Judgment, that has to be manifested or else the world would continue indulging in sin, with no true intentions to change, for the flesh is weak and spirit is willing – but for all souls to have free will, prayers will always go forth on their behalf, but after hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but still choosing to sin, as if God doesn’t see or hear, is a dangerous thing, skating on God the Father’s Grace.

    I pray for all souls, that they understand that God is love, Grace, mercy, but also a man of war, a divine Judge, Righteous, Holy and will honor his Word to Judge all evil acts of the flesh and in heart.

  3. Sis you heard from the Lord. Almost for thirty years, I have had dreams visions of an ambush,invasion,nuclear attack, by a coalition of nations,upon our beloved country. I even minister warnings, people serm to turn a deaf ear. May the lord bless you for your sensitivity to the holy spirit.

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