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  1. I saw this Prophets and Patriots before. I read your word first then watched Steve and Juan O Savin again. Veronica you say that President Trump is the Bull but Juan says in this video that he is the matador. But amazing that your vision is from 2018 and this video is 2022.

    • In the latest Word published by the ElijahList from Veronica, she says that Holy Spirit showed her that a flip would take place – the matador would become the bull and vice versa (published in January 2023 on ElijahList but received by Veronica in December 2022). We see that President Trump was really hunted and cheated out of Office through election fraud in 2020. At that point and up to now he has been hunted. And yet, we do see (also in the Twitter files) a lot of the wrongs against good people being exposed right now. So the flip – where the evil is going to be destroyed visibly for everyone to see – is about to happen, as Veronica describes in her vision published on the ElijahList „watch the fig tree in 2023“.

  2. Veronika, you are right on everything you say on hear I Reid the Full Dream THE Balancing Act with Joe and kamala a few years ago I got busy with family and life itself your dream is right on I sat hear tonight and reread it wow!!!! It’s come to pass I’m reading the Bull and the Matador I really love to read your dreams so amazing how God shows you his information and to pray. I would love to hear from you for more dreams. Thank you for serving the Lord. We win! Prayer changes circumstances.  Amen.

  3. PSSS I AM A TRUE AMERICAN, BORN AND RAISED IN A MILITARY FAMILY WAAAAY BEFORE WOKENESS (I’m 65) SIR, YES SIR, 100% TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT! You can go to my page (I’m in Spokane WA, profile pic: me and my 2 sons) and you’ll see it’s all true! If led to do so, of course!❤

  4. PSS ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD THAT I FOLLOWED (not subscribed) WHEN LED TO THIS SITE WHILE SEEKING HIS WORDS FROM PROPHETS TO KNOW HIS WILL! As I said in my original comment, I am relatively new to Prophets and have not developed my ears(?)eyes(?)heart(?)or ALL(?) in order to hear His Voice. At least, not with any degree of confidence! I thank you, Father, for leading me here and for the moderators to accept my comment! HALLELUIAH! MORE GLORY TO GOD, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER! AMEN AND AMEN!!!

  5. I am relatively new to the prophetic, True Christianity for that matter because I wasn’t aware prophets existed, tongues and interps yes prophets no. I’m sooo glad I found this as a also have been called to pray for Pres Trump. I watched a pray for P.T. but was not aware it was more than one prayer. I prayed more than 1. All praise to our Heavenly Father! I watched “God won’t stop…” on Elijah Streams and that led me here where I learned Praise Yeshua! I had failed my P.T prayer assignment! So now I will pray more effectively! PS I subscribed!

  6. This is such a powerful prophetic vision of our Nation, our President, The Democratic Party, the deceived people, & the Liberal Press.  Yes, our President is a bull as it were, his opposition is enormous from the Liberal Democratic Party turning socialist, the blinded followers of them & the ultra liberal Press.  The Church of Jesus Christ must stand up united against the forces of hell that has come against him & God’s plans for our great Nation.  We must pray against the plans of the evil one who is seeking to destroy the great Christian experiment that God planned for this nation at it’s inception.  Everything is at stake, our United States Supreme Court, our Senate, our Congress, our very existence.  God help us to stand up & be counted with our God.

    I was in a flight back from home AUS, I had a great space alone in the full back rows in a B777 at 23k.ft flight scenario.
    Your atmosphere seems closer to EU.
    Mine was the APEC Region.
    Your words were closer and very much similar to what You heard from above.
    My scene was somewhere middle Hwy 45 in TX, travelling from Dallas to south area toward the Gulf of Mexico, Close to home.
    Few hours ago, Trump visited the School Shotting in Santa Fe, Tx.
    The crowd was the most lefts one in TX. A front of the Army of Drug Cartels. MIL Protections was one of the most highest in Tx land never seeing.
    Democratic party pretended to be the leaders dominant with the Drugs Cartel Army, financing the insurrections in the very closes near future in this soil.
    We are invaded at present with the insurgent uncontrollable maggot in the whole of USA.
    The infiltrations of illegals in daily basis left warrior are unnamed as well unaccountable figures.
    Unless TRUE AMERICANS AWAKE FROM THEIR NUMNESS we are lost, by the time similar You encountered from HEAVEN as same than the one HASHEM told me in my flying dream.
    We may have to develop a PRAYERS Rhythm to be done via Christian media in USA ASAP before too late.

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