A Visitation by the Lord Jesus


On the 13th of September, 2015 I had a visitation by the LORD Jesus.

In this encounter, I found myself standing before Jesus as He was standing on a hilltop overlooking the Temple in the New Jerusalem in heaven.

He was revealing Himself as the King of Glory with a multifaceted / jeweled crown upon His head and a red robe.  Immediately upon seeing him I fell down as a dead man at His feet.

I had no strength left in me.  As I prostrated myself at His feet I could do nothing but worship him for who He is and for all that He has so graciously given me over the years; all the successes and failures, all the joys and sorrows, all the revelation and experiences / encounters.

I could do nothing but with joy and reverence place everything at His feet.  I knew in that moment that all that I am – all that I have is His.

This continued for some time before I heard the LORD’s voice say to me, ‘Arise and look’.  He then extended His hand to me and I immediately received strength and was able to stand.

I was then shown vast multitudes – millions before the temple of God in heaven.

From the vantage point of this hill overlooking the Temple I was able to witness a very unusual sight.  I turned to both the left and right as far as the eye could see there were millions of people gathering, and yet the silence I witnessed was in and of itself awe inspiring!

I knew there was about to be a proclamation of great importance that was going to affect the course of history!

As I was pondering what this pronouncement might be I witnessed an innumerable company of chariots of fire coming from above the temple out of the midst of what looked like clouds.  I instinctively realized they had been released from the presence of the Father.

As this was taking place I saw a man approaching.  He was walking up a golden path to the hilltop where we were standing.

In his arms I noticed he was carrying a large book held tightly against his chest.  Immediately I knew by the spirit this was Enoch.  As Enoch approached I was at once overjoyed and curious as I’ve longed to more fully understand and gaze into the mysteries he has witnessed in his walk with the LORD.

I had hundreds of questions I wanted to ask.  As he came near I was surprised that he was not a very tall man.  I had envisioned him as someone who would be quite large and muscular.

I greeted him and was surprised when he greeted me by name!  I had been told before that all in heaven know and recognize those who belong to the LORD.  When we get there, we will recognize everyone we meet even though we have never met before.

Enoch then handed me the book he was holding.  He said it was the book of mysteries the LORD had given him while he walked with the LORD for 300 years on this earth.

As I grasped the book I was aware that it was a living thing!  It emitted a power that was tangible and quite frankly, rather frightening!

I was in awe of this ‘living manuscript’ that I was holding and yet my spirit instantly bore witness that this was right.  Enoch then said something that stunned me!  He said, “Take the book and finish it.  What I began while I was on the earth must now be completed in this generation.”

I didn’t know what to say!  I was shaking and I responded with the first thing that came to mind: I asked him to lay his hand upon me and bless me.

He immediately responded and said, “No!  There is no need of an impartation or blessing from me as the LORD Jesus Himself has already blessed you and commissioned you.  I will however be in prayer for you.”

As he spoke this, I turned to the LORD and Jesus spoke with great compassion and authority, “Go and do all I’ve commanded you.

I have given you insight and you have received my purposes and desire for your life.  Now I give you understanding.

As you have met Enoch this night and received his book of mysteries, so too you shall receive of his mantel that has been prepared for this day.  Move forward in faith and do not hold back, now the hour has come for My Glory to be revealed in you.

Trust Me to perform all that I said I would do for it shall surely come to pass now.”

I share this to encourage you.  This visitation was not about me!  This is a promise to all in this generation who will surrender themselves to the purposes of God and the Book of Destiny for their life.  This is for you!

Since this visitation our ministry focus has heightened and increased to share and impart the revelation we have received from the LORD regarding Translation by Faith (See Hebrews 11:5).

We have been encouraged to witness in the past 5 schools that the LORD in His grace and mercy has been releasing His people in a way never before seen.  There truly is a grace in this season for you to receive and be activated to walk in the realm of the supernatural as never before.

I want to encourage you – passionately pursue the LORD and seek His face.  We are in a season of acceleration and release as never before.

This is your hour, your day of encounter and visitation.  You have struggled and plodded on through thick and thin, now you are about to come into His rest and victory!


For His glory,
~ Bruce Allen

Dr. Bruce AllenDr. Bruce Allen, is the founder of Still Waters International Ministries, PO Box 1001 Chewelah WA, 99109 United States.  It is Bruce’s passion to see the Body of Christ awaken to their destiny in this hour by equipping them to hear God’s voice and access the reality of the supernatural in every day life.

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