Wait and See


Sometimes, you will see what others may not see.  If anyone is in tune with the Spirit, He will share things that only He can see; things that cannot be seen with the natural man.  It makes sense, that those who do not seek to follow the leading of the Spirit and go in whatever kind of direction He desires to go in, will not know and not see.  There are times when the Holy Ghost will move us to utter something; no one else gets it.

If you study the OT prophets, they were often times told by God, to go and speak to the people.  The tough part of the assignment, was that they had to do it, whether the people heard it or took it to heart.  When God sends you up against those who are not following the Spirit but are following their own wisdom or knowledge, or program, you’ll meet some harsh response.  I think it is the usual reaction, when you tell them they are doing something that is wrong or displeasing to God.  However, God said tell them anyway.

It’s oftentimes, that it’s only after you have gone on your way, that the thing comes to pass.  It’s only then, that the people realize it was of God.  When you spoke it, they likely spurned it off or laughed you to scorn.  Sometimes, in our walk here, we have to do things by faith.  It just doesn’t seem that it is possible, in the present time.  You just have to “wait and see.” We’re in a time today, that either we will be spiritual people, or we will remain carnal.  We will either walk in and follow the Spirit, or we will walk in man’s ways.

Recently, numerous people here, were sensing things in the Holy Ghost.  They were led by the Spirit, to speak certain things; like, there were some dark days ahead, and we were not truly prepared.  They attempted to sound the alarm, just as the Spirit led them to do.  Even though, it could not be seen at the present time.  It takes real character to stand and declare a thing, no one else visualizes.  To be real, you don’t often know yourself what it’s all about; you just know you have to do what the Spirit says to do.

Ezekiel had some very hard tasks to perform.  The Spirit led him and spoke with him.  God said, these are my words; go to the people and tell them just word for word, what I have spoken to you.  They are going to look at you funny and their faces will be full of scorn and rebuke.  But, I am going to make your own face, hard as a flint.  They are hard-hearted and impudent.  They may not hear you; however, “yet shall they know that there hath been a prophet among them.”  Sometimes we trust God; then, we wait and see.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




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