Waiting on the Holy Ghost


Some time back, I was watching a video of a rather large meeting, one that has been known for it’s deeper spirituality.  It started at what must have been the end of one speaker, and just before the next in line was to step forward.  The people were standing with their hands raised and it seemed that all, were in earnest prayer.  The director of the meeting made a comment, that a “spirit of prayer” had entered the building.  It was a time when people had been asked to raise their hands and worship the Lord; likely a result of the person who had just spoken.

It’s one of those times, that the Spirit moves upon the face of the audience, and doesn’t stop right away.  There is a reaching toward the Spirit and it is apparent, that the Spirit wants to do something just then.  But, it was time for the next speaker to begin.  Rather than waiting on the Holy Ghost to do what He had come to do, the next speaker was announced and as you can imagine, people began to stop praying.  Forgive me, for I’m not trying to be curt or smart or even critical.  Had the person coming to the pulpit been truly intent on what the Spirit wanted, he would have urged the spirit of prayer to continue, until God got through with what He had planned to do.

Not long before this time, I had heard another renown minister speaking to another group related to this one.  The gifts of the Spirit are manifested in his ministry and signs, wonders and miracles, have followed.  He spoke in a very precise manner, and said this.  They should always stay alert for what the Spirit wanted to do and aim to follow Him to the nth degree.  He told them to toss their programs and forget about the choir singing.  The choir could sing some other time.  Most everywhere this minister goes, he tells all the people, that the Holy Ghost, can do more in moments, than they could do in a decade or even a life time.  And he is absolutely right.  We know that.

Wise leaders, have many times in the past, felt when the Holy Ghost wanted to move.  They were sensitive to the Spirit.  Sometimes, through trial and error, they had learned, that moving in sync with the Holy Ghost, had a way of producing much greater results than attempting to use their own wisdom.  Or, simply backing out of the way, and let the Holy Ghost manifest in whatever manner He had chosen for that service.  Oft times, if the Spirit did not manifest in any certain way, the leader would have the people find a place to pray, until either something happened, or that spirit lifted from the service.  Sometimes, perhaps the Spirit checks to see if we’re obedient.

We can always resume with the program.  There’s nothing wrong with having a plan or a schedule for the meeting.  But only, if the Holy Ghost has the option, to interrupt at any given time, even if it’s right in the middle of the choir singing or the speaker preaching.  We have to be in tune with what the Spirit wants; we have to strongly desire for the Holy Ghost to move in every possible way, in every service and every meeting.  Even in our personal lives. The Holy Ghost has perfect timing and knows exactly when to act.  First and foremost, we must desire to follow, where He leads.  Sometimes, it simply depends, on where we want to go.


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