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Wake Up and Shake It Off! — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for the warnings, the reminder of what the evil really is: EVIL, JEALOUS and DESTRUCTIVE. Yesterday I got a call of someone in great distress. I welcomes him in, and later we went out for a walk through town. Oh how I saw that the hordes still were surrounding us, obstacles and provocations right before our eyes. Many never would see this or believe that traps are laid to bring the weary and the strong believers to stumble and to fall. But I also saw in some eyes of those people who are involved, that SOME WOKE UP and I saw some friendly smiles, smiles in a new way: Not the former arrogant smiles, but with shy love and understanding or knowledge in their faces. One man said to us while he was crossing the street fast: “DO NOT LET THEM BREAK YOU” and then he hurried away. Let us pray for those shy people, who dare now more and more to come out of the captivity spirit of control and oppression. I am thankful for the new movement. We know, the evils have much ugly plans and it seems, they don`t sleep. But we also know: OUR GOD – HE NEVER SLEEPS !

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