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Walk in HIS Power and Authority Only — 3 Comments

  1. God is so wonderful my dearest sister, first of all I would like to take this wonderful opportunity to thank you for sharing the truth with us. All the the word you have highlighted are so true my beloved. I thank God always for being our teacher, mentor, instructor and prophet for us. My heart desire to be in his presence, your amazing words are inspiring me and motivating me. God bless you! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amen to this! God has spoken to you through this word. I am waiting on something very big to happen, and there are Judas and Baals waiting to harvest where I have planted and worked for. These people have being a double face in front of men and God. Its not about men’s timing its about God’s timing and what he says. Sad that these people are head of a Church, and you can really tell there is a demonic Jezebel spirit operating through them which was dormid for many years. Betrayal is a hurtful thing, and it can be very disrespectful too when its someone close to you. I’ll just keep waiting when God tells me to act, talk and move according to what he says, in his time.

    Please pray for me, and remember me you will see something very big happen.

    God Bless.

    Lincoln Erik Cassis Engelhardt.

  3. Dear Sister Barbara, I have also sensed a changing of the mandate, and I am aware that more focus on the Lord is needed, because it is about Him and what He desires to do! I am so greaty blessed and encouraged by your post, and I realise I an not alone! No longer the old things any more, but what our Heavenly Father desires to do! Hallelujah! May He grant you your heart’s desires, and strengthen you more than ever! Blessings, Paula

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