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Walk in the Glory of the Mind of Christ! — 4 Comments

  1. Mary,my sister I just want to hug you and Robin! Yes, keep it on the Gospel of Jesus! He prayed that we would be one,and love one another! And by our love they will know we are His disciples. I believe He is working on us who are truly His, and filling us with His love continually;as we abide in Jesus & His Word! Blessings to all the body of Christ! As we delight in Him, He promises to give us desires of our heart! Amazing love! In Jesus name Amen! Love, peace & joy, by His Spirit to all the family of God daily I pray. As we agree in Jesus name!

  2. “Please Saints, it cannot be emphasized that we have to watch our words, making sure they are not coming from our flesh nature.”

    “I see many ministers that are moving more and more into the place of exposing the true conspiracies that are happening, in their own flesh to get attention.”

    “There are many things The LORD tells you, but some of that is to test you to see if you will keep your mouth shut, and not be like Hezekiah, who showed off his treasure.”

    “There is much that I don’t share on my wall, although I have knowledge of it, because I know the trick of pride, and how the enemy can deceive and want people to post things just because ‘THEY HAVE KNOWLEDGE!”

    Lord, my sister I just want to hug you! AMEN AND AMEN!

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