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  1. Some people may think that the movies are nothing more than a coincidence. However, the name of the lead character is CHRISTIAN GREY.

  2. There was a prophetic sign my friend. A series of 3 movies:
    50 Shades of grey
    50 Shades darker
    50 Shades free
    Shalom to you Angus.

    • Yep…..
      And there’s a ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’… but let’s not go there :)

      But as you say, there are signs and they need to be recognized as such for interpretation.
      Oh to have a Gift of Discernment….

  3. Amen Angus. Bears witness with me too. Can we, His people, manifest 1Corinthians 13? With man this is really impossible, BUT, with God, all things are Possible! Dear Jesus, Change us!!

  4. Can the church see the dynamics of light and darkness? Light can increase yet it can be getting darker. This is because the rate of increase of darkness can exceed the rate of increase of light. How well can the church see in shadows? Shadows can represent deception and darkness can represent strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11).


    • Blessings Peter,
      The LORD was showing me in my studies of The Gospel of Luke this week, for us there are no shades of gray.  It is all black or white in The LORD.
      Luke 11:23 refers.
      We can talk, but we need to demonstrate the walk.

  5. Can the church continue to love when in tribulation? The church is unprepared for tribulation and wants to be raptured. I am a post-tribulation rapture person (see Rick Joyner, “the battleship”; Matthew 24:6). I hope I am wrong about the tribulation because I won’t have to endure it. I have been unable to work since 1992 due to chronic and severe pain. What kind of work was I engaged in? See my paper: Behaviour Research and Therapy, Volume 30, Issue 1, January 1992, Pages 7-13. “Is pain sensitivity associated with dental avoidance?” The cross is great tribulation.


    • Blessings Peter,
      I have heard first hand that it is the testimony from the Church in China after the Cultural Revelation that those who were prepared for persecution survived, and those who were not, did not.
      If our leaders will not help prepare us, certainly The LORD will if we ask.
      We cannot blame others for our own delinquency and inaction on our own preperations.

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